PRESS QUOTES - A PERFECT FRIEND TIMBER AND MODERN WAYS (2009) -GROOVE (S) #9-2009 A PERFECT FRIEND (2007) "[APF] is indeed exactly; A Perfect Friend /.../ Melodica-drone made in heaven" - De:Bug #114 July 07 (DE) Runner of the month BLOWUP 113 (IT) "the album is fantastic" - Sound Lab, ABC Radio (AU) "The results sound almost as if Akron/Family was signed to Mego Records." - Audiversity (US) "As if Damien Jurado met a quiet Múm" - (BE) "El resultade, un disco magico /.../ Casi perfecto" ("The result, a magic cd /.../ almost perfect") - Suburban Lab (ES) "a promising first effort" - All Music Guide (US) "Like two perfectly boiled eggs" - NWT (S) Pick of the week -P*dis (JP) (Japanese Distributor)