Thomas Denver Jonsson THE LAKE ACTS LIKE AN OCEAN (2007 / KCD2000 / Kite Recordings) Out September 19th 2007 on CD (1st edition - digipack, 2nd edition - jewelcase) Due to this album, British The Times listed Thomas as one of six acts who have taken the Swedish pop movement onwards since ABBA. Thomas Denver Jonsson's wide-ranged third solo album continued his indie/folk journey combining the Americana vein with a high dose of Swedish temperament. He had previously released the two well-received albums 'Hope to Her' and 'Barely Touching It' featuring collaborations with Rosie Thomas, Damien Jurado, Nina Kinert and Ned Oldham. This album, being his most original and complex material that far spans from solo guitar instrumentals and band oriented indie rock to dark folk tunes, quiet hymns and soulful Americana. The producer Carl Edlom put rich arrangements to Thomas's close songs and words and there are duets with Jennie Stearns, Ellinor Blixt (of Bobby Baby) and Elina Johansson (Dear Euphoria). With this string of songs Thomas put himself closer to contemporary folk artists such as South San Gabriel, My Morning Jacket, M. Ward, Bright Eyes and Cat Power rather than the classical songsmiths to whom he's previously been compared to. 1. The Border 2. My Wardrobe 3. What I Dream 4. Only For Beginners 5. Saved By The Bell 6. Like Friends Falling In Love 7. One Of My Blessings 8. Possession 9. You Were The Holiday 10. The Tapdancers' Union 11. After The Earthquake 12. Sacha Distel 13. She Runs In Slow Motion 14. Love Campaign Produced by Carl Edlom Artwork by Hollis Brown Thornton Thomas Jonsson - vocals, acoustic guitar Carl Edlom - vocals, electric guitar, piano, organ, production Fredrik Wilde - electric guitar, pedal steel Tomas Lindberg - bass guitar Henric Strömberg - vocals, drums, percussion Andreas De Frumerie - viola Ellinor Blixt - vocals ("Saved By The Bell") Elina Johansson - vocals ("Possession" and "You Were The Holiday") Jennie Stearns - vocals ("Love Campaign") Martin Bärjed - piano ("Only for Beginners") Andreas Nyberg - organ ("After The Earthquake") Anders Jonsson - Tuba ("She runs in Slow Motion" and "Love Campaign") Ola Eliasson - Flute ("She runs in Slow Motion")