2011 PHOTO ALBUM: ARCTIC SUMMER/AUTUMN 2011 Germany, Sweden and more. Will be updated. LIVe @ N3, Trollhättan. RADIO SESSIONS. P4 VÄST (above) and P4 VÄRMLAND (below) Promo photo session with Gustav Adbåge feat. Stina the boxer Photo: Emma Månsson photo: Emma Månsson photo: Helena Dahlgren / Värmlands Folkblad BACKSTAGE LIVE @ FOLK&ROCK 2011, SEGMON LIVE @ FAR I HATTEN, MALMÖ (S) FILMFEST MÜNCHEN, MÜNICH (D) BELGIUM/UK/AUSTRIA/CROATIA TOUR MAY/JUNE LIVE @ SZENE, WIEN (AT) photo: Anna Weszelitz LIVE @ STUK, LEUVEN (B) AUSTRIA/CROATIA TOUR COMPANY MINUS BOY OMEGA Markus Svensson (The Tarantula Waltz), Kingfisher, Tias and Christian Kjellvander AUSTRIA/CROATIA TOUR COMPANY INCLUDING BOY OMEGA LIVE @ WHAT'S COOKIN', LONDON (UK) Photo: alejandra cole urteaga (http://lksstt.tumblr.com/) LIVE IN GRAZ (left) photo: Tobi Abel LIVE IN WIEN (right) Photo Werner Schrötter CHANGING STRINGS, GRAZ HOTEL INTERIOUR ALMOST-ALMOST HEADLINING IN WREXHAM POSTER SPOTING, WIEN GRAZ ARCTIC SPRING TOUR 2011: BACKSTAGE with Damien Jurado when opening for his sold out show at Huset Magstraede in Copenhagen, Denmark. April 11th Photo: Emma Månsson LIVE @ SÖDRA TEATERN, Stockholm (Supporting Damien Jurado - April 19th) Photo: Emma Månsson LIVE @ PUSTERVIKSBAREN, Göteborg (supportind Damien Jurado) Photo: Mio Franzén STUDIO RECORDINGS. 1st studio session for future 5th album with producer Carl Edlom (photographer). May 22nd 2011 LIVE @ PUSTERVIKSBAREN feat. Helena Arlock), Göteborg (Supporting Damien Jurado) Photo: Kristoffer Hedberg LIVE @ HUSET MAGSTRAEDE, Copenhagen (DK) 11 Apr 2011 LIVE @ Mejeriet, Lund (S) 12 Jan 2011 photo: Emma Månsson WARMING UP BACKSTAGE Södra Teatern RADIO INTERVIEW / SESSION @ P4 MALMÖ LIVE @ Debaser, Malmö (S) 20 apr 2011 (Supporting Damien Jurado) LIVE @ Sapnu Fabrik, Riga (LV) 19 Jan 2011 (Guesting Goran Gora's show) Meeting old friend, colleague, idol and duet partner Rosie Thomas in Copenhagen. LIVE @ Witches Hat Club, Malmö (S) 11 feb 2011 Photo: Kristoffer Hedberg (left) Unknown (right) Martins, Thomas (Swede with the LONG arm), Renars Kaupers (Brainstorm), Mara (Astro'n'out) hanging out. RIGA (LV) Goran Gora + I'm Kingfisher RIGA (LV)