2012 PHOTO ALBUM: 5TH ALBUM RECORDINGS - YEAR 2 FROM 2 SESSIONS IN ÖSTERLEN AREA, SWEDEN. SPRING & SUMMER 2012 putting up the gear in an art studio in Smedstorp. Cello session w Helena Arlock in Arild, Sweden At the very last days of album recordings, Swedish Radio (P2) went by to check in about what's happening and to do a 12 min feature. Last strum. Final album session in Värmland. November 2012. THE 2012 KINGFISHER-ON-HIATUS TOUR Even though taking the year off, half-a-dozen shows were made around in Sweden. LIVE @ N3, TROLLHÄTTAN (S) 27 SEPTEMBER 2012 LIVE @ SMÅLANDS NATION, LUND, 28 MARCH 2012 LIVE @ FALLENS DAGAR FESTIVAL, TROLLHÄTTAN 22ND JULY 2012 LIVE @ SLIPERIET ART HALL, BORGVIK (S) JUL 29th 2012 LIVE @ CAFE AUGUST, KARLSTAD (S) JUN 9TH 2012 LIVE @ MEJERIET, LUND (S) SEP 8TH 2012 VARIOUS RAMBLINGS AT THE TABLE 1: co-writing with Tarantula Waltz AT THE TABLE 2: Celebrating appearance in photo book Swedish Musical Landscape IN STUDIO. Contributing vocals for Irya's Playground's upcoming album. COVER STORY. PROMO SHOOTS w Gustav Adbåge