PRESS QUOTES - 2003-2006 BARELY TOUCHING IT (2005) "Jonsson seems to have skipped three or four albums worth of 'artistic development' to deliver a fully-formed masterpiece." - Jeremy Searle - Americana UK (UK) "Jonsson inhabits the same space as South san Gabriel and M Ward /.../ A talent overdue for a wider audience" Rob Hughes - Uncut #105 (UK) "A prolific songwriter who is driven to make music" - Marc Deming, All Music Guide (US) "He competes with the best" Lennart Persson - Expressen (S) "One of our time's and one of our country's most devoted singer/songwriters" - Lennart Persson, Bibliotekstjänst (BTJ) Lund (S) "He has released two albums that carry the same promising vibe as Bob Dylan's early releases, where you know they're very good but what really twists your ear is the sense of what's ahead, the possible masterpieces lurking in his subconscious." - Dennis Cook, Ebong (US) "Sure, we still got Wilco and a few other also-runs, but the Scandinavian cowboy contingent is routinely kicking our ass nowadays" - Avi Roig, Indie Workshop (US) "My album of the year" - Wiebren Rijkeboer, Altcountry NL (NL) ***** - 5/5 album of the year - Benny Metten, Ctrl (BE) "enough to crown him as the new Messiah" - Maurice Dielesman, KindaMuzik (NL) "album of the week" - The American Connection, Dutch national radio KRO (NL) 10/10 - (UK) 8/10 - SLAMzine (AT) 9/10 - Pstereo (N) 5/5 - (UK) 5/5 - Costa Blanca (ES) 6/7 - Groove (N) 5/6 - Nordlys (N) 5/6 - Tromsø By (N) 6/10 - Sonic (S) ("impressing") 4/5 - Värmlands Folkblad (S) (album of the week) 4/5 - Sundsvalls Tidning (S) 5/5 - Värnamo Nyheter (S) ("Dreams at the film club" - song of the year) 5/6 - Undertoner (DK) 4/5 - Platomania (NL) ("Barely Touching It must be counted to the most beautiful cd's of the year") 4/5 - Rootshighway (IT) #3 - Euro Americana Chart December 2005 #15 album of the year - Dennis Cook, Honest Tunes (US) Runner-up album of the month - Jambase (US) TOP10 Swedish releases - Lennart Persson, (S) #1 album of the year - Wiebren Rijkboer - Alt country NL (NL) #2 album of the year & #1 album of the year - Ctrl Alt.Country (BE) #1 roots album of the year - Roots Time (Radio show) (BE) #6 album of the year - Martin Olsson - Värmlands Folkblad (S) Dreams at the Film club - TOP10 songs of the year - Ingve Aalbu - Pstereo (N) HOPE TO HER (2003) "A warm, uncluttered delight" - Uncut (UK) Jan/Feb 2004 "Undoubtedly the one of the best things to come out of Sweden since, well, since forever really /.../ Warm, Welcoming and Wonderful" - Americana UK (UK) "A fine album and highly recommended" - (UK) 031228 "An excellent debut record" - Sonic#13 (S) september/october 2003 "One of the most pleasant surprises this year" - (NL) april 2004 "a collection with unforced richness that one suspects will sustain over the seasons." - Pauserecord (US) december 2003 "he can add his name to the list of the better Americana artists in Europe" - Kindamuzik (NL) october 2004 "an essential album" - ctrl (BE) May 2004 "Sweden has done it again. Hooray. - (DK) October 2004 FIRST IN LINE EP (2004) "Warm and thoughtful lo-fi country from Sweden’s best export." - Americana UK (UK) september 2004 "He takes the fine craftsmanship of Dylan and mixes it with the sly cunning wit of Van Zandt and delivers it with Parson’s compassion making him a highly marketable asset" (Grade A) - Roothighway (US) november 2004 "The lo-fi musings of songwriter Thomas Denver Jonsson recall Townes Van Zandt" - Austin Chronicle (US) "These five tracks just further my belief that he’s the real deal, a special artist who’s just waiting to find his audience." - Jambase (US) october 2004 - Altcountrytab (UK) october 2004 "wonderfully beautiful from one of the biggest new talents to appear on the scene this year. (4/5) - Ctrl. Alt. Country (BE) september 2004 "One of the most beautiful things I've ever heard!" (7/7) - Groove (N) august 2004 "Confirmation of a great talent" - Kindamuzik (NL) october 2004 - Uncut (UK) october 2004 THEN I KISSED HER SOFTLY 7" (2003) - Uncut Magazine #73 Maj/Juni 2003 "There's a relaxed depth to his music that infuses each tune with small details that make short films in your head" - juli 2003