TRANSIT (2018 / FADING001 / Fading Trails Recordings) Out worldwide April 13, 2018 on vinyl/cd/digital "I wanted to give this album time, and time came to be a big part of it. Transit is my sixth solo album and my first truly stripped down one. While I've been collecting the songs for this album I've seen people both depart and arrive. Events and plans that ended and became something else, a feeling and a movement that fascinates me a lot." On Transit we find I'm Kingfisher at his most stripped down and intimate yet. NPR's All Songs Considered said "This record is awesome" and the lead single "What Good Would Loving Do Me Now" was picked up by US radio KEXP as their Song of The Day Transit was initially recorded by Jonsson on his own, recording both vocals and guitar simultaneously in full takes, with long-time producer Carl Edlom, before having some of Sweden's finest musicians adding their touches to it with Christian Kjellvander, Martin Hederos, Helena Arlock and Klabbe Hörngren being among the guests. 1. What Good Would Loving Do Me Now? 2. Sinking Ship 3. The Oaks Rule 4. Luck Underwhelms Me 5. Sarajevo 6. Can't Wait for the Future 7. Superman in a Wake 8. Harbour's Mouth 9. Silent Spring 10. Topography of Gabon 11. A New House Thomas Jonsson - Vocals, guitars Martin Hederos - Piano (5,6) Wurlitzer (1), Moog (2), organ (5), Mellotron (6) Christian Kjellvander - Electric Guitar (9) Klas-Henrik Hörngren - Synthesizers (1) Helena Arlock - Cello (2,3) Maria Larsson - Viola (4,9), violin (4) Elina Johansson - Vocals (1,6) Irya Gmeyner - Vocals (10) Anna-Stina Jungerstam - Vocals (11) Carl Edlom - Vocals, guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, percussion, field recordings Produced by: Carl Edlom Artwork by: Kristian Ingers THE BEST FORGETTABLE ACT / TO LIVE IS TO FLY Ltd 7" with the Transit outtake /w A Townes Van Zandt cover out January 17th 2020 on Finnish label Flycatcher as a Finland tour exclusive item. THE BEST FORGETTABLE ACT Outtake/single out June 8th 2018 digital