2010 PHOTO ALBUM: ARCTIC SCANDINAVIAN TOUR 2010: including 6 shows with Ed Harcourt, updated frequently LIVE @ KB, Malmö (S) Nov 4th 2010 Photo: Emma Månsson LIVE @ Debaser Medis, Stockholm (S) Nov 8th 2010 Photo: Anders Nilsson LIVE @ Lille Vega, Copenhagen (DK) Photo: Emma Månsson LIVE @ BREW HOUSE, Göteborg (feat. Helena Arlock) Photo LIVE @ Lilla Hotellbaren, Stockholm (S) Photo: Emma Månsson ' LIVE @ M15, Trollhättan (S) Photo: Kristoffer Hedberg (far above), Nomi Szpiro (above) PHOTO SESSION #1 For the label's blog Photo: Johan Eklund PHOTO SESSION #2 Interview with Värmlands Folkblad Photo: Helena Dahlgren WARMING UP in TROLLHÄTTAN Photo: Helena Sundström TOUR OPENING at native town Grums Photo: Helena Bergström APF (side project) GOES TO FRANCE: 27 Sep - 5 Oct FIRST DAY WITH THE NEW ALBUM: VARIOUS LIVE SHOTS SUMMER 2010: STOCKHOLM (S) @ Café Hängmattan Jun 5th 2010 foto: Elina Johansson AUSVATN (N) @ NORF 2010, jun 26th 2010 foto: Emma Månsson LUND (S) @ Smålands Nation May 17th 2010 foto: Emma Månsson KARLSTAD (S) @ Koriander Apr 7th 2010 ABENDSEGLER (D) @ The Bus station May 29th 2010 photo: Thomas Jonsson