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      "Jonsson has been knocking out fine records for almost 
      a decade ...//... His tremolous voice is still hugely affecting"
      - Rob Hughes, UNCUT (UK)
      "'Willing Night Plants' inhabits the same doomy world
      as Neil Young's 'Ambulance Blues'"
      - Mike Houghton, UNCUT (UK) (separate mention)
         #10TH BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Joacim Nilsson)
      "Viktigare än någonsin" ("More important than ever")
      - Aftonbladet (S) 
      "Storslaget och intimt" ("Grandiose and intimate") 
      - Metro (S)
      "A major Swedish contribution to the 
      Americana market"
      - R2 (Rock n Reel) (UK)
      "Jonssons röst kan smälta is" ("Jonsson's voice can melt ice")
      - Upsala Nya Tidning
         #3RD BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Emma Rastbäck)
      - GAFFA Swedish Edition (S)
      "Sweden produces another excellent export"
      - Americana UK (UK)
      "Et lille mesterværk" ("A little Masterpiece")
      - GAFFA Danish Edition (DK)
      "I’m Kingfisher is clearly ‘in the zone’ with this release. The gentle nature of the music, 
      experimentation and subtle electronica draw out his incredible voice and lyrics, this is 
      just the beginning."
      - Folk Radio UK (FRUK) (UK)
      "Certainly one early 2011 album for everyone who listens to Port O' Brien, Bon Iver, 
      The National and M Ward. The Swede is touching, poetic, lyrical and magic."
      - DH (La Dernière Heure) (BE)
      "very good songs, fevered, luminous and melancholic, that evoke a north pole 
      expedition during the global warming" 
      - L'Avenir (BE)
      "The fathoms deep feeling and gently leaping poetic language 
      of Jonsson’s work is one of those  magical, humanizing sounds"
      - Jambase (US)
      "There are a lot of singersongwriters in the music industry at present, with Arctic, 
      I'm Kingfisher has raised the bar and set the standard to the next level for others 
      to attempt to follow."
      "I feel my life is slightly better every time I listen to 'Arctic'"
      - Pennyblack Music (UK)
      "Jonsson’s ability to weave beautiful lyrical melodies whilst keeping them poignant 
      is impressive and he manages to avoid falling into the trap of melodramatic clichés about 
      love creating a beautiful yet deep artwork that is a true pleasure to listen to."
      - Live Music Scene (UK)
      "A Wonderful (but creepy) album"
      - (UK)
      "Arctic, I’m Kingfisher’s tantalizing debut ...//... is a meditative, melancholy 
      trek but one flecked with humor and oddly beveled poetry, a relative to Iron & Wine, 
      Damien Jurado and most especially M. Ward"
      - Dirty Impound (US)
      #3 ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Anders Nilsson)
      "Låtmaterialet är fullständigt fantastiskt, Jonssons röst en total fullträff och produktionen rent magisk."
      ("The song material is totally fantastic, Jonsson's voice is spot on and the production's pure magic")
       - (S) 
      "En fandens smuk cd" ("A damn beautiful album")
      - (DK)
         #10TH BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Martin Olsson)
      "Närmar sig fulländning" ("Approaching perfection")
      - Värmlands Folkblad (S) 
      "Et af årets stærkeste og mest dragende mesterværker" ("One of this year's strongest masterpieces")
      - Diskant (DK)
      - Lovisa Eriksson, Nya Wermlands Tidningen (S) 
      "A wonderful concept album"
      - Accent D'Europe (Radio France International) (FR)
      "En av de mest ödmjuka och fullständigt briljanta artister som vi har"
      ("One of the most humble and completely brilliant artists we've got")
      - Gimme Indie (S)
      - Le Cri Du Coyote (FR)
      "Hans Arctic är ett av förra årets bästa svenska album"
      ("His 'Arctic' is one of 2010's best Swedish albums"
      - (S)
      6/10 - Sonic (S)
      4/6 - Nöjesguiden (S)
      4/6 - Soundvenue (DK)
      4/5 - Altcountry (NL)
      4/5 - Arbetarbladet (S)
      4/5 - Värnamo Nyheter (S)
      4/5 - Smålands Tidning (S)