TRANSIT (2018 / FADING001 / Fading Trails Recordings) Out worldwide April 13, 2018 on vinyl/cd/digital 1. What Good Would Loving Do Me Now? 2. Sinking Ship 3. The Oaks Rule 4. Luck Underwhelms Me 5. Sarajevo 6. Can't Wait for the Future 7. Superman in a Wake 8. Harbour's Mouth 9. Silent Spring 10. Topography of Gabon 11. A New House Thomas Jonsson - Vocals, guitars Martin Hederos - Piano (5,6) Wurlitzer (1), Moog (2), organ (5), Mellotron (6) Christian Kjellvander - Electric Guitar (9) Klas-Henrik Hörngren - Synthesizers (1) Helena Arlock - Cello (2,3) Maria Larsson - Viola (4,9), violin (4) Elina Johansson - Vocals (1,6) Irya Gmeyner - Vocals (10) Anna-Stina Jungerstam - Vocals (11) Carl Edlom - Vocals, guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, percussion, field recordings Produced by: Carl Edlom Artwork by: Kristian Ingers THE BEST FORGETTABLE ACT / TO LIVE IS TO FLY Ltd 7" with the Transit outtake /w A Townes Van Zandt cover out January 17th 2020 on Finnish label Flycatcher as a Finland tour exclusive item. THE BEST FORGETTABLE ACT Outtake/single out June 8th 2018 digital Back catalogue: Side projects: Full discography: 2020 I'm Kingfisher - The Best Forgettable Act / To Live is to Fly (7") (Flycatcher) 2019 VINYL RE-ISSUE: I'm Kingfisher - Arctic (album) (Accelerator Recordings) 2018 I'm Kingfisher - The Best Forgettable Act (outtake/single) (Fading Trails) 2018 I'm Kingfisher - Transit (album) (Fading Trails) 2014 I'm Kingfisher - Avian (Album) (Kite/Playground) 2014 I'm Kingfisher - Force of Habit / Heyday (single Kite/Playground) 2010 I'm Kingfisher - Arctic (Album) (Playground) (+ltd. ed with bonus EP ANTARCTICA +vinyl re-issue 2019) 2007 Thomas Denver Jonsson - The Lake Acts Like an Ocean (Album) (Kite Recordings) 2005 Thomas Denver Jonsson - Barely Touching It (Album) (Kite Recordings) 2004 Thomas Denver Jonsson - First in Line EP (EP) (Kite Recordings) 2003 Thomas Denver Jonsson - Hope to Her (Album) (Kite Recordings) 2003 Thomas Denver Jonsson - Then I Kissed Her Softly (7") (Kite Recordings) (+ ltd ed.) Collaboration projects: 2013 Forest City - Peloton (Album by collaboration project with C-J Larsgarden and Christophe Bailleau) 2009 A Perfect Friend - Timber And Modern Ways (Album CD/Digital) (Knoppar) 2009 The Topeka Twins - Swim, Swam, Swan (3"CD) (Tomt Recordings) 2007 A Perfect Friend - A Perfect Friend (Album/CD) (Stilll) 2003 The Topeka Twins - I Never Heard Her Sing (minialbum/7") (Kite Recordings / Johnny br�ttom Records) Exclusive appearances: 2012 OndaDrops 6 - A Postcard from the North (IT) ( (feat. A Continent Lost (acoustic version)) 2009 Introducing Townes Van Zandt via The Great Unknown (UK) (forthesakeofthesong) (feat cover version of To Live is To Fly) 2009 What's Kicking IV (UK) (stovepony) (feat. unreleased song "Willing Night Plants") 2008 Quietly Happy & Deep Inside - covers and remixes (IT's a trap/MP3) (featuring Bjorn Kleinhenz-cover "Light of Love") 2008 Series Two Records Vol 10-14 (US) (Series Two Records) (feat. unreleased song "Archipelago" by A Perfect Friend) 2006 The World Turns All Around Him - a tribute to Gene Clark (Groover Recordings) (feat. Byrds-cover "Set you free this time") 2006 Living Room (DVD) (UR) (tv-show feat. a live performance of "Silver Boy") 2005 Bringing American Roots Music Back Home (DVD) (Music Matters) (feat. "First in Line" & "Good Night" live) guest appearances: 2016 - Amute - Bending Time in Waves (BE) (vocals on Solar Flames) 2015 - Firstnighter - 100 Words For Fear (S) (vocals on To Navigate) 2013 - Irya's Playground - The Pain of Letting Go (S) (various vocals) 2013 - Thomas Hine - Forgive My Future (US) (vocals on Ploughman) 2010 - Goran Gora - Mystyrys Yrs (I love you records/LV) (solo vocals on "old friends") 2010 - Mine to Keep - s/t (SE) - (vocals on "Ice Fern") 2009 - Old Lost John - Faceless (Tight Grain/SE) (vocals on "She looked down") 2009 - Helena Arlock - Dirty Old Hound (RedOlive/SE) (vocals on "Misery"; handclaps on "Pink Bubbles") 2009 - Annis - If it's a dead fish, it's a deadfish (Lonely Road) (SE) (vocals on "A thousant lies") 2008 - Kristoffer Hedberg - Ett helt vanligt �gonblick (Wilhed) (SE) (accordion on "I havent felt the heat) 2008 - Gustav & The Seasick Sailors - Brilliant Hands (Marilyn) (SE) (vocals on "sing it out") (+enhanced edition 2009) 2004 ME - The Wagon Fair (Volkloren) (NL) (TDJ - Harmonica , Fredrik Wilde - Pedal Steel) compilations: 2014 Pipe & Hat Mixtape Vol.5 (CA) (Pipe & Hat) (feat. Heyday - outtake from 'Avian') 2013 Between the Lines Vol.5 (AT) (Geco) (feat. Peacock Color Song from Arctic) 2011 Discover The Sounds of Sweden (S) (Playground) (feat. Willing Night Plants from Arctic) 2010 Autumn's Flying Start 2010 (S) (Playground) (Autumn release promo sampler feat. Willing Night Plants from Arctic) 2008 Word: Now Hear This #63 (UK) (cd with word magazine feat. You Were the Holiday from Arctic) 2007 MIDEM 2007 - Export Music Sweden Sampler (EXMS) (S) (feat. What I Dream from The Lake Acts Like An Ocean) 2005 Inradio: 3.3 Now or never or later (Inradio) (US) (feat. Dreams at the film club from Barely touching it) 2004 The Pet Series IV (Sally Forth) (NL) (feat. First in line (live) from First in line ep) 2004 Independent Sweden (Fork Series) (US) (feat. 24 seven from "Hope to her") 2004 Rundg�ng (Popkonst) (feat. 24 seven from "Hope to her") 2003 Sonically Speaking #13 (Sonic) (feat. First in line from "Hope to her") 2003 Svensk popul�rmusik vol.2 (Johnny Br�ttom Records) (feat. "Hunting song" from The Topeka Twin's mini album) 2003 My secret garden (No Disco) (feat. Then I kissed her softly from Then I kissed her softly EP + Topeka Twin's "Hunting song") 2002 Come In (Villa Recordings) (feat. "Shades of Green" from daybreak EP) 2002 Ut�kad Familj vol.1 (Alltid Hela Tiden) (feat. an unreleased version of "Shades of Green" with September Sunrise) 2002 Svensk Popul�rmusik vol.1 (Johnny Br�ttom Records) (feat. "Jeanna" from at the empty bench) soundtracks 2018 K�rlek & Vilja (S) (Feature film by Marcus Carlsson, feat Dreams at the Film Club, Dance Floor Borders and Smile with your 1000 Teeth 2010 Framtidens Melodi (S) (Feature film by Jonas Bergerg�rd and Jonas Holmstr�m, feat. "Possession") 2009 H�ll om mig (S) (Short Movie. Appears in the soundtrack) 2008 Heja Degerfors (S) (Short Movie. Soundtrack features: A Day From A Year and Black & Blue) 2006 Innan Skottet (Short Movie: Directed by: Sara Broos) (feat. exclusive song "And The Crowd Goes Wild") self-released: 2002 Thomas Denver Jonsson - Denver Icons (Ep-compilation) 2002 Thomas Denver Jonsson - At the empty bench 2001 Thomas Denver Jonsson - Songwriter in a coma EP (white trash part three) 2001 Thomas Denver Jonsson - Daybreak EP - morning bleeds in time 2001 Thomas Denver Jonsson - White trash / Ricki Lak e ep