December 17th 2020 _ Thanks! It sure has been a special year; thanks for taking part of the album which has been out in two months now and sure personally was one of the good distractions 2020. November 30th 2020 _ New single: What Stays Up The Road (cover of "Byns Enda Blondin" (Sven Ingvars / Niklas Strömstedt) Earlier this autumn, I was part of Swedish Radio P4 Värmland's cover series, where local artists covered local hits. I made a rendition of Sven-Ingvar's "Byns Enda Blondin" a got a friendly shout-out from the song's author Niklas Strömstedt! Today we release it on all digital platforms, have a go! Cover photo: Johan Bergmark October 11th 2020 _ New album "The Past Has Begun" out now! Completely overwhelmed and exhausted. Thank for all messages, e-mails and whispers, making the release of my seventh album by best yet. First of all thanks to Carl Edlom for production and magic trics since 2002. Also huge gratitude to the group of magnificent people playing on singing on this. Josh Gordon, Amanda Werne (Slowgold), Vilma Flood, Ella Blixt, Tove Edlom, Helena Arlock, Maria Larsson and Ola Eliasson. Magnus Lindberg for Mastering. Erich Reichel for the cover photo. Anders Cold for sleeve design and overall graphic layout. Johan Bergmark for the press photos. The past days I've been having a couple of release show. In Babel, Malmö with L.T. Fisk and Great Western Road. And a couple of days before at Ugglan in Vadstena with excellent La Mer. See you soon in Kristianstad and Karlstad and more is on the way. September 29th 2020 _ Tour! It's strange times, but happy to announce a string of safety measured shows coming up in October. For now it's 50 people top, but keep an eye out for sudden changes in the restrictions, for an example the Karlstad show is likely to open up with 10-30 seats if it's allowed. September 17th 2020 _ 3rd single "Is Nature Really That Cruel?" out now! Less than a month to go, and today we release of the third, and last, single "Is Nature Really That Cruel?". Have a spin! If you like it, don't miss out to ensure your copy of the limited colored or black vinyl edition of the album "The Past Has Begun", out October 9th on Fading Trails Recordings September 14th 2020 _ Release shows! The world is not wired right this year, but happy to announce a little string of show dates following the album release on October 9th. 50 seats are the limit right now on each show. 03 OCT - Vadstena Warm-up at Ugglan Info: 09 OCT - Malmo RELEASE SHOW @ BABEL Tickets: 24 OCT - Karlstad RELEASE SHOW#2 Info/tickets: August 25th 2020 _ "Children's Atom Bomb" write-ups Best right now "too good for Sweden" - GAFFA (S) Stoked to have Sweden's biggest music magazine GAFFA having the new single in their "best-right-now" section! + thanks to more friendly shout-outs! + last friday, I made my first public show in more than six months, and the first in Sweden this year. Thanks to Babel in Malmö för having me. August 20th 2020 _ PREMIERE: "Children's Atom Bomb" (feat. Slowgold) "tracing that golden thread of great americana" - Beats Per Minute (UK/US) Today, we release the second single from the upcoming album. "Children's Atom Bomb" is guested by one of my super favorites, Amanda Werne from Slowgold, on vocals and harmonica. Pinch my arm! The song is premiered to day by the lovely people at Beats Per Minute saying "tracing that golden thread of great americana". It's also out on all streaming devices.... NOW! -> Children's Atom Bomb @ Spotify August 7th 2020 _ Pocket Soul shout-outs! Thanks for all friendly shout-outs, write ups, DMs and playlist adds following the release of the "Pocket Soul" single. Håkan Steen, Aftonbladet (S) The Revue (CA) "En av landets renaste, mest drabbande röster. En av landets bästa röster. Ren som snö, svidande som bottenlös sorg." - (S) 5 out 5! - Exile SH Magazine (ES July 16th 2020 _ Single "Pocket Soul" officially released! Today, the lead single and opening track from next album, "Pocket Soul" is offically released on all digital platforms. It features Carl Edlom on production and Maria Larsson on wonderful strings. This is the first song being released in over two years. Have a listen! July 15th 2020 _ PREMIERE: Single "Pocket Soul" on Clash "a beatific effort from the Scandinavian talent" Clash Magazine (UK) is now premiering the lead single from The Past Has Begun! 'Pocket Soul' is also the opening track of the album, featuring Maria Larsson on strings and Carl Edlom on production, bass, and second acoustic guitar. Have a listen: July 13th 2020 _ New album 'The Past Has Begun' out October 9th Guess what? I've recorded a country album, featuring Amanda Werne from Slowgold, Vilma Flood, Josh Gordon and Ella Blixt. It's called The Past Has Begun and I can't wait to hear what you all think about it. It'll be out on vinyl (black and ltd. transparent blue) and digital on October 9th via Fading Trails Recordings. The cover was shot by Slovakian photographer Erich Reichel. VINYL PRE-ORDERS up and running now at: >> NEWS-ARCHIVE