February 24th 2018 - Nöjesguiden (S) The new Nöjesguiden features first words on the actual album, out April 13th. "When Thomas Jonsson finally delivers all promises." (from Patrik Forshage's best-right-now-picks). EDIT: The second sentence was not supposed to be there. February 23rd 2018 - Aftonbladet (S) on single#1 - The Revue (CA) on single#2 Håkan Steen wrote good things about the lead single "What Good Would Loving Do Me Now?" in Sweden's biggest evening paper Aftonbladet. "Mostl likely Thomas Denver Jonsson's finest work to date. "early- Damien Jurado-good" https://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/musik/a/WLk0wj/veckans-spellista-lika-delar-indierock-och-folkpop Also a veeery nice track review on the second single from Canadian The Revue, talking about "masterpiece", "It’s safe to say that I’m Kingfisher is one of our favorite discoveries of the year" and " a tale that Clint Eastwood should turn into an Academy Award-winning film." http://therevue.ca/2018/02/23/the-matinee-18-february-23rd/ February 20th 2018 - Single Premiere: Luck Underwhelms Me "A song for the road less travelled" - GoldflakePaint (UK) Today, the great people at GoldFlakePaint (UK) premieres the second single 'Luck Underwhelms Me' from the upcoming album 'Transit', saying "a rugged country ballad that adds scorched strings and dusty guitar playing to Jonsson’s cracked, yearning voice to create something worn and aged, a song for the road less travelled; the disappearing of things once held dear. It feels both wise and craggy, neither of just the man or the earth but of one within the other, the push and pull between forces we can never get a grasp on, the ambiguous nature of our time here. https://www.goldflakepaint.co.uk/new-music-im-kingfisher-luck-underwhelms-me/ PRE-ORDER TRANSIT (vinyl/cd/digital): https://fadingtrailsrecs.bandcamp.com/album/transit-lp February 8th 2018 - KEXP: Song of the Day Thrilled to be featured in KEXP's Song of the Day today!!! An in-depth song review highlights with "a sonic marvel on which Jonsson ruminates on intimate flashbulb memories". Find the whole post here: https://www.kexp.org/read/2018/2/5/song-day-im-kingfisher-what-good-would-loving-do-me-now/ The Revue (CA) Also, great words from Canadian The Revue writing "“What Good Would Loving Do Me Now?” shimmers with the ambience of Bon Iver and Lord Huron fused with the rich textures of Damien Jurado and José González. Prepare yourself for a breathtaking experience." Whole post at: http://therevue.ca/2018/02/08/melodic-tonic-18-february-8th/ January 29th 2018 - Hymn / Göteborgs-Posten / Sydsvenskan Nice mentions from HYMN (above left), Göteborgs-Posten (above right), Sydsvenskan (below) January 24th 2018 - New single, new album, new label Today, British The 405 premieres my brand new single 'What Good Would Loving Do Me Now?' writing "before you know it, 'What Good Would Love Do Me Now?' has become a mini-epic" and "Transit is sure to be an understated delight." I'm so proud to annouce to that my sixth solo album Transit will be released world-wide by Fading Trails Recordings on April 13th (vinyl/cd/digital). This is a stripped-down album, using full takes, produced by Carl Edlom and featuring guests like Martin Hederos, Christian Kjellvander, Klas Henrik Hörngren and Helena Arlock. January 16th 2018 - Featuring in soundtrack On 31st January at Gothenburg Film Festival, the new Swedish feature film Kärlek & Vilja (Love & Will) has premiere. Its soundtrack includes three songs of mine: Dreams at the Film Club, Dance Floor Borders and Smile with your 1000 Teeth. January 7th 2018 - Video session: Gothenburg Sessions Don't know if this will ever end up on an album, but still like this song plenty. Gothenburg Sessions came by a few months ago and recorded it! Thank you guys! >> NEWS-ARCHIVE