EXCLUSIVE APPEARANCES: Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via The Great Unknown (Forthesakeofthesong Oct 26th 2009) Critically acclaimed Townes Van Zandt tribute album, featuring Thomas Denver Jonsson with Lisa Bodland Fielding, J. Tillman (Fleet Foxes), Jad Fair, Anders Parker, Great Lake Swimmers, Be Good Tanyas and more. http://www.myspace.com/thetownesvanzandtproject What's Kickin' Vol.4 (Stove Pony 2009) British compilation of the renowned folkie club What's Cooking featuring acts who have played there. Thomas is featuring with a demo cut of "Willing Night Plants". An album cut is featured on I'm Kingfisher's first album "Arctic". Quietly Happy and Deep Inside Björn Kleinhenz covers and remixes (Its A Trap/Tomt oct 08) Digital cover-album feat. the songs of Björn Kleinhenz's third album. Thomas makes a cover of 'Light of Love' [MP3] THE WORLD TURNS ALL AROUND HIM - A TRIBUTE TO GENE CLARK (Groover / nov 06) 25-track Gene Clark Tribute CD "The World Turns All Around Him" feat. artists such as Lisa Marr, Hello Saferide and The Green Fields. Thomas is doing a cover of The Byrds' "Set You Free This Time" from the album "Turn Turn Turn" [MP3] INNAN SKOTTET (SOUNDTRACK) Short Movie of Sara Broos from 2006. Thomas wrote the unreleased song "And The Crowd Goes Wild" exclusively for the movie Bringing American Roots Music Back Home (DVD) (Music Matters / Jan 2005) 26 songs captured live at The Take Root Festival 2004 (Assen, Holland) with artists such as Thomas Denver Jonsson, Giant Sand, The Sadies, The Cowboy Junkies and Dawn Kinnard. The featured songs of Thomas Denver Jonsson are "First in line" and "Good Night" from the forthcoming album.