Thomas Denver Jonsson HOPE TO HER (2003 / KCD1040 / Kite Recordings) Released October 14th 2003 on CD 1. First in Line 2. 24 Seven 3. Long Life to Lose 4. Shades of Green 5. Black and Blue (Pale Angel You) 6. Then I Kissed Her Softly 7. Come on Up 8. Pale 9. Jeanna 10. Mallards 11. Road Runner 12. Crushed Ladybug Thomas' debut album "Hope to her" is a lofi-country moment filled up with the lovable bittersweet spirit of love and loss, clearly influenced by and 70's singer/songwriters. Reaches from the country- rock songs "First in Line", "Shades of Green" and "Mallards" over to the gospeltouched "Then I Kissed Her Softly", "Black and Blue" and "24 Seven" and further to the starkness of the a capella song "Pale" and the dreamlike landscape of "Jeanna". This album, released oct 14th 2003 is expressing many nuances in deed when touching old loves, helping angels, sweet memories, depression & laughter, country charm and long nights. The opening track "First in Line" was also featured in a stripped down duet with Rosie Thomas on First in Line EP (kcd1050) Thomas Jonsson - vocals, guitar, harmonica Carl Edlom - vocals, guitars, piano, accordion, percussion Fredrik Wilde - vocals, guitars, pedal steel Tomas Lindberg - vocals, bass guitar, bongos Henric Strömberg - Drums , Percussion Pontus Henriksson - Fender Rhodes on "Then I Kissed Her Softly" Jessica Magnusson - vocals on "24 Seven"