July 19th 2022 _ July/August shows Some new shows coming up, opening for giants such as Sarah Klang and Christian Kjellvander, don't miss out. xx February 25th 2022 _ New song: The Pain of Happiness (feat. Irya Gmeyner & Martin Hederos) Proud to announce that the single "The Pain of Happiness" featured in the critically acclaimed and crystal bear awarded movie "Comedy Queen" is out today. Irya Gmeyner and Martin Hederos wrote the song, I provided lyrics, vocals and acoustic guitar. Find it at all streaming services now! February 9th 2022 _ Song featured in motion picture Comedy Queen Astronomically proud to sing on a song featured in the new Swedish movie Comedy Queen, directed by Sanna Lenken. Based on Jenny Jägerfelds novel. Irya Gmeyner and Martin Hederos wrote the music, I provided lyrics, vocals and guitar. More about this soon! September 9th 2021 _ NEW SONG: SUNDAYS AND DAILIES The single "Sundays and Dailies" is out to day on all digital services. It was recorded with Tommy Tift in The End Studios, Lund. Then arranged, mixed and produced by Carl Edlom who also added electric guitar and piano. Wilma Nea sung harmony vocals. https://open.spotify.com/album/1Hhm5ruQ14tUVEKTbepYh2?si=1fa043afc41a4c16 Cover photo: Johan Bergmark Released by: Fading Trails Recordings August 13th 2021 _ FIRST 8 SHOWS OF 2021 Today we announce a string of shows for the following months. This'll be my first shows since the release show of "The Past Has Begun" in Malmo last October. Hope to see you! A big day at Kingfisher HQ. This is also the first shows in co-op with Hansi Friberg @ 28 Booking and I couldn't be happier. More to be announced! March 8th 2021 _ 28 BOOKING Thank you for all overwhelming response after I received the Manifest Award. Also very happy to announce that I will have booking representation again and will now join the roster of Hansi Friberg @ 28 booking. Big hopes for a brighter future. https://28booking.com/ February 27th 2021 _ MANIFEST AWARD! Happy and proud and all fuzzy inside. Yesterday I got the Manifest Award for best singer/songwriter album 2020, Sweden's award for indie labels and artists. Didn't see that coming, thank you Manifest, thanks to all of you who have listened and to all lovely people performing on the album. Carl Edlom, my producer since I started, and Johan Alm who runs the label. December 17th 2020 _ Thanks! It sure has been a special year; thanks for taking part of the album which has been out in two months now and sure personally was one of the good distractions 2020. November 30th 2020 _ New single: What Stays Up The Road (cover of "Byns Enda Blondin" (Sven Ingvars / Niklas Strömstedt) Earlier this autumn, I was part of Swedish Radio P4 Värmland's cover series, where local artists covered local hits. I made a rendition of Sven-Ingvar's "Byns Enda Blondin" a got a friendly shout-out from the song's author Niklas Strömstedt! Today we release it on all digital platforms, have a go! Cover photo: Johan Bergmark October 11th 2020 _ New album "The Past Has Begun" out now! Completely overwhelmed and exhausted. Thank for all messages, e-mails and whispers, making the release of my seventh album by best yet. First of all thanks to Carl Edlom for production and magic trics since 2002. Also huge gratitude to the group of magnificent people playing on singing on this. Josh Gordon, Amanda Werne (Slowgold), Vilma Flood, Ella Blixt, Tove Edlom, Helena Arlock, Maria Larsson and Ola Eliasson. Magnus Lindberg for Mastering. Erich Reichel for the cover photo. Anders Cold for sleeve design and overall graphic layout. Johan Bergmark for the press photos. The past days I've been having a couple of release show. In Babel, Malmö with L.T. Fisk and Great Western Road. And a couple of days before at Ugglan in Vadstena with excellent La Mer. See you soon in Kristianstad and Karlstad and more is on the way. September 29th 2020 _ Tour! It's strange times, but happy to announce a string of safety measured shows coming up in October. For now it's 50 people top, but keep an eye out for sudden changes in the restrictions, for an example the Karlstad show is likely to open up with 10-30 seats if it's allowed. September 17th 2020 _ 3rd single "Is Nature Really That Cruel?" out now! Less than a month to go, and today we release of the third, and last, single "Is Nature Really That Cruel?". Have a spin! If you like it, don't miss out to ensure your copy of the limited colored or black vinyl edition of the album "The Past Has Begun", out October 9th on Fading Trails Recordings https://imkingfisher.bandcamp.com/album/the-past-has-begun-lp September 14th 2020 _ Release shows! The world is not wired right this year, but happy to announce a little string of show dates following the album release on October 9th. 50 seats are the limit right now on each show. 03 OCT - Vadstena Warm-up at Ugglan Info: boka@thomasdenver.com 09 OCT - Malmo RELEASE SHOW @ BABEL Tickets: boka@babelmalmo.se 24 OCT - Karlstad RELEASE SHOW#2 Info/tickets: boka@thomasdenver.com August 25th 2020 _ "Children's Atom Bomb" write-ups Best right now "too good for Sweden" - GAFFA (S) Stoked to have Sweden's biggest music magazine GAFFA having the new single in their "best-right-now" section! + thanks to more friendly shout-outs! + last friday, I made my first public show in more than six months, and the first in Sweden this year. Thanks to Babel in Malmö för having me. August 20th 2020 _ PREMIERE: "Children's Atom Bomb" (feat. Slowgold) "tracing that golden thread of great americana" - Beats Per Minute (UK/US) Today, we release the second single from the upcoming album. "Children's Atom Bomb" is guested by one of my super favorites, Amanda Werne from Slowgold, on vocals and harmonica. Pinch my arm! The song is premiered to day by the lovely people at Beats Per Minute saying "tracing that golden thread of great americana". It's also out on all streaming devices.... NOW! -> Children's Atom Bomb @ Spotify August 7th 2020 _ Pocket Soul shout-outs! Thanks for all friendly shout-outs, write ups, DMs and playlist adds following the release of the "Pocket Soul" single. HÃ¥kan Steen, Aftonbladet (S) The Revue (CA) "En av landets renaste, mest drabbande röster. En av landets bästa röster. Ren som snö, svidande som bottenlös sorg." - 482mhz.com (S) 5 out 5! - Exile SH Magazine (ES July 16th 2020 _ Single "Pocket Soul" officially released! Today, the lead single and opening track from next album, "Pocket Soul" is offically released on all digital platforms. It features Carl Edlom on production and Maria Larsson on wonderful strings. This is the first song being released in over two years. Have a listen! July 15th 2020 _ PREMIERE: Single "Pocket Soul" on Clash "a beatific effort from the Scandinavian talent" Clash Magazine (UK) is now premiering the lead single from The Past Has Begun! 'Pocket Soul' is also the opening track of the album, featuring Maria Larsson on strings and Carl Edlom on production, bass, and second acoustic guitar. Have a listen: https://www.clashmusic.com/news/im-kingfisher-strikes-some-autumnal-tones-with-pocket-soul July 13th 2020 _ New album 'The Past Has Begun' out October 9th Guess what? I've recorded a country album, featuring Amanda Werne from Slowgold, Vilma Flood, Josh Gordon and Ella Blixt. It's called The Past Has Begun and I can't wait to hear what you all think about it. It'll be out on vinyl (black and ltd. transparent blue) and digital on October 9th via Fading Trails Recordings. The cover was shot by Slovakian photographer Erich Reichel. VINYL PRE-ORDERS up and running now at: https://imkingfisher.bandcamp.com/album/the-past-has-begun-lp April 23rd 2020 - Sofar Sound clip on May 2nd In February, I made a secret show with Sofar Sounds. A video clip has been picked out for a little extra-extra treatement with a premiere with live chat on May 2nd 5PM (Swedish time). You can click the link and set to be reminded for the premiere. This song was finished just before the show. April 2nd 2020 - Live set with new song Hope all are careful out there in these strange times. Last week I participated in this live stream c/o Culturestream Malmö and Music and Friendship, who promoted one of my cancelled shows. I was interviewed and played the new song "Pocket Soul" along with "Sinking Ship" and "Sarajevo" from my 2018 album 'Transit' Find my set here: And the full hour-long stream: February 3rd 2020 - Finland and exclusive 7" Finland, and people were dancing. See you soon! Also big thanks to Finnish label Flycatcher for releasing an exclusive tour 7" with the outtake song "The Best Forgettable Act" and "To Live is to Fly" written by Townes Van Zandt as B-side. The 7" came with an exclusive polaroid from the release show, poster, coaster, sticker... Spring touring is a bit calmer due to focusing on other I'm Kingfisher activities, but excited about going to Plan B in Tranås on May 9th and opening for Johan Airijoki @ Droskan in Umeå on June 12. More to be announced. December 2nd 2019 - The roaring 20's up ahead Spending most of my time finishing the upcoming album right now. Really happy to get back to Finland in January, also have some more things coming up. Happy holidays! 17 JAN - HELSINKI (SF) @ Musta Kissa 18 JAN - TURKU (SF) @ Bar Ö (/w Nightbird) 19 JAN - TAMPERE (SF) @ Telakka (/w Nightbird) June 28th 2019 - KEVIN MORBY! MALM FESTIVALEN! Really STOKED to announce that I'm going to support Kevin Morby in Malm @ Babel on July 3rd! I'm also really happy to play at Malm festivalen again. See you on Monday 12th August at 17:00 (5pm) Also, opening for Israel Nash in August, so there is sure a lot to look forward to. Summer dates below, and more will be coming soon, stay tuned! March 8th 2019 - 'ARCTIC' (2010) VINYL RE-ISSUE OUT NOW! Today, my 2010 album 'Arctic' is for the first time released on vinyl. Accelerator records makes this happen and it's in a limited splatter version (100 copies) and regular black (200 copies). Order your own at: http://www.acceleratorrecords.dk/product/im-kingfisher-arctic/ (The colored vinyl will only be available at the label's site) Stoked about this. Also puts such a nice finale to this decade, where I've been working on this album trilogy with Arctic 2010, Avian 2014 and Transit 2018 and now the Arctic re-issue. Drop a line at info@thomasdenver.com for info. January 8th 2019 - Can't wait for the future Thanks for still remembering my album. 2018 was a busy year for me and I don't take that for granted. This was the year when I 1. All time high! Got to sing with Magnola Electric Co in Stockholm and Gothenburg. 2. Released my 6th solo album Transit. 3. Talked with NPR All Songs Considered 4. Was Song of the Day in KEXP. 5. Had my biggest audience on a headline show ever. 6. Played at STHLM Americana Festival 7. Was sponsored with a great Dowina 12-string guitar from Lasse Dyna Guitars in Vadstena. 8. Toured with people like Christian Kjellvander, Louise Hoffsten, Damien Jurado and Weather Station. 9. Cleared a much awaited (by me) vinyl edition of the 2010 album 'Arctic'. 10. And wrote my best song ever "If that's all you got on me". December 18th 2018 - ARCTIC vinyl re-issue early 2019 Thanks to Accelerator records, 2010's album Arctic will be available on vinyl for the first time ever. Stay tuned early next year for pre-orders, versions and release date. Arctic was my first album under the Kingfisher name and features a collaboration with one of my big ambient favorites Keith Kenniff (aka Goldmund and Helios). Arctic was originally released by Playground Music Sweden. Cover art was made by Stefan Westling, which in my opinion is tailor made for a bigger format. November 23rd 2018 - Damien Jurado/Magnolia Electric Co/Louise Hoffsten Had an extraordinary string of shows in October, summing up 2018 as my most intense musical year to date. Thanks all who lend an ear when I opened for Damien Jurado, Louise Hoffsten and Christian Kjellvander, not to mention when I got to sing two songs with Magnolia Electric Co in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg. Biggest moment for me ever. Broke in two. WITH MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO. Gothenburg (top) and Stockholm TOUR WITH DAMIEN JURADO Ume , stersund, Malm OPENING FOR CHRISTIAN KJELLVANDER, V xj OPENING FOR LOUISE HOFFSTEN, Lund September 23rd 2018 - Songs:Molina // Damien Jurado shows In October, I'm proud to be involved in two Secretly Canadian/Belmont Booking productions I'll never forget. I will guest the Swedish dates (Stockholm 3rd Oct, Gothenburg 4th Oct) of the memorial tour of Jason Molina, featuring people from Magnolia Electric Company, Songs:Ohia and Timothy Showalter (Strand of Oaks). Still gutted by Jason's death. Honoured beyond words. I will also support Damien Jurado in Ume , stersund and Malm . This is the third tour me and Damien have done together. Can't wait! See you down the road. //Thomas August 23rd 2018 - UK, Finland, Hultsfred Helsinki Nottingham Nottingham show#2 w Keto Hultsfred w Ella Blixt Hultsfred July 23rd 2018 - Swedish TV and Norwegian libraries I was recently interviewed in Swedish TV SVT: https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/varmland/i-m-kingfisher-bryter-ny-mark and in the music blog of the Norwegian libraries website Deichman. https://blogg.deichman.no/musikk/2018/06/28/intervju-med-im-kingfisher-en-svensk-hemmelighet/ July 22nd 2018 - On the road again! Three nights in Hultsfred, Helsinki and Nottingham coming up. Here is some pictures from the recent touring. LIVE @ Sommarscen Malm LIVE @ Sthlm Americana, Stockholm TV INTERVIEW in Karlstad LIVE @ Almen, Karlstad (w Lisa Bodland) LIVE @ Emma's Lada, Eksj Checking in for radio session in P4 Malm hus June 13th 2018 - Malm ! Stockholm! See you at Sommarscen Malm on June 28th... ... but first up! Sthlm Americana on Saturday! June 8th 2018 - NEW SINGLE: The Best Forgettable Act Out today, THE BEST FORGETTABLE ACT, originally cut during first Transit studio day and meant to be song#5 on the album. About the soothing feeling of being lost, and listen to how Helena Arlock's strings fade out at 2:02. Piano and production by my favorite hard working hero Carl Edlom. This was the last song for years, hope you like it. Thanks! https://open.spotify.com/track/51Ivwur01JVkeRgTomFa7J?si=xogJTChiSOiW0To10rt8TQ June 4th 2018 - "This record is awesome" - NPR'S ALL SONG CONSIDERED! + "Sublime" - Accents d'Europe, Radio France International Surreal to be talking, and having the song Topography of Gabon featured, in today's NPR: All Song Considered, one of my favorite radio shows. Hearing Robin Hilton saying "This record is awesome!" Thank you! https://www.npr.org/sections/allsongs/2018/05/29/614179068/new-mix-james-blake-luluc-angelique-kidjo-covers-talking-heads Also, great words like "unique" and "sublime" from Vincent Th val in Radio France International's cross-europan news watch show Accents d'Europe. Luck Underwhelms Me was played. http://www.rfi.fr/emission/20180518-mariage-princier-produits-derives May 31st 2018 - "New video: Sarajevo" The good people at Various Small Flames premieres the video for 'Sarajevo' (directed by Isac Stridsman) here: http://varioussmallflames.co.uk/>http://varioussmallflames.co.uk/2018/05/31/video-premiere-im-kingfisher-sarajevo/ "I m Kingfisher s style allows room to explore a range of emotions within a single album. Each track having a certain directness that draws the listener to Jonsson s lyrics in the manner of the best folk music." May 24th 2018 - Sommarscen Malm June 28th! I'm part of Malm 's annual series of free outdoor summer shows. Check me out at the water outside the concert hall Malm Live on June 28th. Also there's a lot of shows announced in Eksj , Stockholm (Sthlm Americana), Karlstad, Helsinki, Nottingham, Ume , Sundsvall and more at: [TOUR PAGE] May 9th 2018 - STHLM Americana! With Jason Isbell, Handsome Family, John Moreland and more So happy to announce I'm part of the line-up of this year's STHLM Americana @ S dra Teatern in Stockholm this year on June 16th. Other acts to play include Jason Isbell, Handsome Family, Sara Shook, John Moreland and many more. We've also announced a new show in Karlstad and my first in Helsinki, along with the rest of the tour and more is to be announced. Update yourself HERE May 3rd 2018 - 1st leg of Transit tour, more to come... Going to announce a few more shows next week, really happy with the first batch. Lund, G teborg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Karlstad, Grums May 2nd 2018 - 8/10 in Hymn & 482mhz live review 8 out of 10 in HYMN. "Sweden's most prominent singer/songwriter ... world class" http://hymn.se/2018/04/30/manadens-ps-april-4/ and a great live review from 482mhz on last show in Lund. April 23th 2018 - More press After great reviews in Swedish main media such as Sonic (7 out of 10!) and N jesguiden (5 out of 6!), pleased to see the staggering quote "Master of small gestures" in G teborgs-Posten as well as 8 out 10 by old favorites Americana UK. April 16th 2018 - "ALBUM OUT NOW / First reviews! So proud to finally present my sixth solo album Transit! Order (vinyl ltd. orange & black, cd, digital): https://fadingtrailsrecs.bandcamp.com/album/transit 20+ dates Scandinavian/UK w/ Damien Jurado, Weather Station, Jessica Lea Mayfield and more: Tour "Strength, hope and beauty" 5/6 - N jesguiden ng.se/recensioner/musik/im-kingfisher-transit "A true album" 7/10 - Sonic sonicmagazine.com/2018/04/13/im-kingfisher-transit/ "Fascinating" - Sydsvenskan sydsvenskan.se/2018-04-12/im-kingfisher-seglar-i-hamn-med-flaggan-i-topp "Sweden's most prominent singer/songwriter" - HYMN (+ track-by-track interview) http://hymn.se/2018/04/13/spar-for-spar-med-im-kingfisher/ 4/5 - Nya Wermlands-Tidningen 4/5 - V rmlands Folkblad 8/10 - 482 mhz 5/6 - Kentucky7 "His strongest yet" - Lira April 4th 2018 - "A Graceful Return" - Clash Magazine (UK) Clash Magazine (UK) is premiering the new brand new track Sarajevo today! Martin Hederos plays piano and organ, Carl Edlom a little bit of everything. "a hearty, pastoral piece of Americana with a folk-hewn template. A graceful return, it's one weighed down by experience while retaining a sense of lingering innocence. Tune in now." http://clashmusic.com/news/premiere-im-kingfisher-sarajevo February 24th 2018 - N jesguiden (S) The new N jesguiden features first words on the actual album, out April 13th. "When Thomas Jonsson finally delivers all promises." (from Patrik Forshage's best-right-now-picks). EDIT: The second sentence was not supposed to be there. February 23rd 2018 - Aftonbladet (S) on single#1 - The Revue (CA) on single#2 H kan Steen wrote good things about the lead single "What Good Would Loving Do Me Now?" in Sweden's biggest evening paper Aftonbladet. "Mostl likely Thomas Denver Jonsson's finest work to date. "early- Damien Jurado-good" https://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/musik/a/WLk0wj/veckans-spellista-lika-delar-indierock-och-folkpop Also a veeery nice track review on the second single from Canadian The Revue, talking about "masterpiece", "It s safe to say that I m Kingfisher is one of our favorite discoveries of the year" and " a tale that Clint Eastwood should turn into an Academy Award-winning film." http://therevue.ca/2018/02/23/the-matinee-18-february-23rd/ February 20th 2018 - Single Premiere: Luck Underwhelms Me "A song for the road less travelled" - GoldflakePaint (UK) Today, the great people at GoldFlakePaint (UK) premieres the second single 'Luck Underwhelms Me' from the upcoming album 'Transit', saying "a rugged country ballad that adds scorched strings and dusty guitar playing to Jonsson s cracked, yearning voice to create something worn and aged, a song for the road less travelled; the disappearing of things once held dear. It feels both wise and craggy, neither of just the man or the earth but of one within the other, the push and pull between forces we can never get a grasp on, the ambiguous nature of our time here. https://www.goldflakepaint.co.uk/new-music-im-kingfisher-luck-underwhelms-me/ PRE-ORDER TRANSIT (vinyl/cd/digital): https://fadingtrailsrecs.bandcamp.com/album/transit-lp February 8th 2018 - KEXP: Song of the Day Thrilled to be featured in KEXP's Song of the Day today!!! An in-depth song review highlights with "a sonic marvel on which Jonsson ruminates on intimate flashbulb memories". Find the whole post here: https://www.kexp.org/read/2018/2/5/song-day-im-kingfisher-what-good-would-loving-do-me-now/ The Revue (CA) Also, great words from Canadian The Revue writing " What Good Would Loving Do Me Now? shimmers with the ambience of Bon Iver and Lord Huron fused with the rich textures of Damien Jurado and Jos Gonz lez. Prepare yourself for a breathtaking experience." Whole post at: http://therevue.ca/2018/02/08/melodic-tonic-18-february-8th/ January 29th 2018 - Hymn / G teborgs-Posten / Sydsvenskan Nice mentions from HYMN (above left), G teborgs-Posten (above right), Sydsvenskan (below) January 24th 2018 - New single, new album, new label Today, British The 405 premieres my brand new single 'What Good Would Loving Do Me Now?' writing "before you know it, 'What Good Would Love Do Me Now?' has become a mini-epic" and "Transit is sure to be an understated delight." I'm so proud to annouce to that my sixth solo album Transit will be released world-wide by Fading Trails Recordings on April 13th (vinyl/cd/digital). This is a stripped-down album, using full takes, produced by Carl Edlom and featuring guests like Martin Hederos, Christian Kjellvander, Klas Henrik H rngren and Helena Arlock. January 16th 2018 - Featuring in soundtrack On 31st January at Gothenburg Film Festival, the new Swedish feature film K rlek & Vilja (Love & Will) has premiere. Its soundtrack includes three songs of mine: Dreams at the Film Club, Dance Floor Borders and Smile with your 1000 Teeth. January 7th 2018 - Video session: Gothenburg Sessions Don't know if this will ever end up on an album, but still like this song plenty. Gothenburg Sessions came by a few months ago and recorded it! Thank you guys! November 27th 2017 - Last Avian touring Had some really nice travelling lately, which I guess was the last batch of shows before the work on the next album starts for real. Stay tuned. Taped a little something for Gothenburg Sessions on a roof. Live @ Klubb Bubbla @ Nya China, rebro Live at a sold-out Ugglan in Vadstena. One shot from Never Understand from my show @ Inkonst in Malm this summer. Also want to mention I got invited by L.T. Fisk to play at his living room club in Arl v. That was fun! August 31st 2017 - Thank you Iceland! live @ Melodica Festival Reykjvav k Really excited after my first two shows in Iceland. Thanks everybody who made this happen, you're all so friendly and the nature is breathtaking. Have me back! xxx Thomas August 22nd 2017 - Martin Hederos contributes to Album6 Extremly proud to announce that earlier this summer, Martin Hederos (Tonbruket, Soundtrack of our lives, Hederos&Hellberg etc) played piano and synth on four tracks on the upcoming album. Thanks! Everything's going forward with the album, entitled Transit. Stay tuned. August 21st 2017 - Summer daze Thanks all who showed up and was a part of a summer tour I dearly enjoyed. Next up Iceland! Live @ Alma L v Museum of Unexp. Art Live @ Folk&Rock-festival 2017, Segmon Live @ Upperud 9:9 Live @ Playwood 2017, Edsbyn Live @ ntligen Festival, Kristianstad Radio session @ P4 V rmland June 1st 2017 - Melodica Festival Reykjvav k So excited to announce my shows in Iceland ever. Will perform at the lovely Melodica Festival in Reykjvav k. (Aug 25-27). More news soon! May 31st 2017 - Kentucky Seven Podcast Premiere A night for UNHCR Went back to Stockholm and played with Christian Kjellvander, Tv rv gen, Ulf Stureson, Twiggy Pop, Liljor, Siri Karlsson and Crash Nomada. Great night, lots of lovely people and money collected for a good cause. Cheers to Ella Blixt for singing with me on a song. Also was interviewed in the podcast KentuckySeven on music, the upcoming album, the upcoming album title. It's all in Swedish, but the episode's round up with a song you've never heard before. KentuckySeven @ Apple Music May 29th 2017 - It's gonna be MAY Will finish off a really lovely touring May with a mini festival at Pygm teatern in Stockholm on May 31st. (other acts include Christian Kjellvander, Tv rv gen, Kajsa Grytt, Ulf Stureson and more). This is what I did earlier this month. Supported super favorites First Floor Power in Malm , hung out with Karl-Jonas and Jenny. Happy times! Also supported Slowgold @ Mejeriet in Lund. They did a spectacular show, and I tried out a new song... ... which I played in the podcast KentuckySeven one week later in G teborg. That + interview to be published soon. May 22nd 2017 - Shows Some summer shows coming up: 27 MAY - MALM (S) @ Inkonst (w First Floor Power) 31 MAY - STOCKHOLM (S) @ Pygm teatern (w Kajsa Grytt, Ulf Sturesson, Tv rv gen and more) 04 AUG - UPPERUD (S) @ 9:9 10 AUG - STRA MTERVIK (S) @ Alma L v Museum of Unexpected Art 11 AUG - SEGMON (S) @ Folk&Rock 2017 Stay tuned for some more album news and international action... February 5th 2017 - Finbes k If I only knew when I started writing songs that Christian Kjellvander and Irya Gmeyner once would guest an album of my own. Stoked. Album6 is really coming together now, we'll speak more about that soon. January 24th 2017 - Year premiere 2017 started off with a trip to V xj for a show @ Kafe De luxe. Also did a short set at Bl dinge church. Woke up to a great review in Sm landsposten, highlighting a few new songs and the guitar playing, which feels reassuring, given the upcoming acoustic album. January 20th 2017 - Update album#6 Some news (and maybe even sounds) on the next album soon! Can't wait to share this. We've recorded sessions during 2016 and whenever I'm in doubt, I always think of my talented friends helping me out with their genius touch. Here are some: Helena Arlock, Klas-Henrik H rngren (Klabbes Bank), Maria Larsson, Elina Johansson (Eli Na), Nightbird! November 30th 2016 - Autumn 2016 Haven't updated for a while, been in the studio and out playing. Thanks for all support, making 2016 one of my most exciting touring years to date. Timjan, V nersborg (S) Rough Trade, Nottingham (UK) B ten, Karlstad (S) Nattkyrkan @ St Johannes Kyrka, Malm (S) Kulturnatten, Uppsala (S) Jam Caf , Nottingham (UK) 9:9, Upperud (S) Live at Heart @ rebro slott, rebro (S) Joe Hill-g rden, G vle (S) July 6th 2016 - Sweden/Poland Retrospective Had a great time on my second tour of Poland ever! Thanks to Borowka Music for having me back. Live @ Dinkytown Summer Edition, Trollh ttan July 1st... ... supporting the magnificent SLOWGOLD! Live @ Meskalina, Poznan (PL) Live @ Songwriter Lodz Festival, Lodz Insert theme music from Jaws here... (Backstage Katowice) Live @ Tre resfestivalen, Motala (S) May 30th 2016 - Shades of Green T-shirts Recording album 6. Shhh..... Pre-show jitters. Mastmagasinet, Kristinehamn (S) May 21st ... opening for Kristian Anttilla <3 ... Live @ Mastmagasinet Live @ Tre resfestivalen, Motala (S) May 28th May 10th 2016 - TEN NEXT SHOWS more tba May 1st 2016 - NEW SONG: Silent Spring Met up with LePop Live backstage Vega in Copenhagen to record a live take of this song from my forthcoming 6th album. April 25th 2016 - Alt Som Teller / Richmond Fontaine / Tonbruket Had a great time doing this mini tour through Oslo (Ingrid Ovedie Volden's book release), Stockholm (w Richmond Fontaine) and Copenhagen (supporting Tonbruket). I wish all shows could be like these. Live @ Vega, Copenhagen Martin Hederos of Tonbruket! <3 Live @ Bryggarsalen, Stockholm Richmond Fontaine! Playing at the book release of Alt som teller @ Internasjonalen, Oslo Video session with Lepop Live (coming soon) April 22th 2016 - Album#6 And btw, I'm recording new stuff. April 20th 2016 - Singing on new album of Amute I'm singing some words on Amute's new album. Check out the song Solar Flames! January 18th 2016 - Bye Bye Bowie Played Lady Stardust at a packed Babel in Malm at their Bowie memorial night. Rest in peace, hero. January 7th 2016 - Plans 2015 was really nice, thanks to all of you who supported me during the year. This year, I'm going to record an album I've been writing on for a very long time. I'm really thrilled and I hope that's a good sign. More about that later and check for some new shows soon. Take care // Thomas Ps. My favorite albums of 2015 was: 1) Dwight Yoakam 2) Godspeed You! Black Emperor 3) Mike Krol 4) Daniel Norgren (Alabursy) 5) Nightbird 6) Tv rv gen 7) Cement 8) Leon Bridges 9) Fride Hanberger 10) New Partner November 19th 2015 - Festival set on TV Cable network GLIMT is currently broadcasting my show from FOLK&ROCK-festival in Segmon this summer. And it's also available to watch online @ http://glimt.tv/glimt-folk-rock-i-segmon-im-kingfisher-ep-26/ September 30th 2015 - Swedish and Danish shows Stoked to be opening for Vetiver at Vega:Ideal Bar in Copenhagen (DK) on Wed 7th October, then over to Caf August in Karlstad (S) the 9th and Palatset, Link ping (S) on the 10th. Will be a great week! August 24th 2015 - "Captivating", "Leaves no one dissapointed" Stoked to do a set at this year's MALM FESTIVALEN, HELENA ARLOCK played cello on the last songs and I got some really good mentions in the press. - Sydsvenskan http://hymn.se/2015/08/22/malmofestivalen-2015-im-kingfisher-gor-ingen-besviken/ - HYMN August 17th 2015 - Great live review Happy to find this lovely live review in NYA WERMLANDS TIDNING about this year's folk & rock festival in Segmon. "Glowing", "intense", "strong songs", "impressing guitar technique". Pick and choose. Full story at : (SWEDISH) http://www.nwt.se/noje/2015/08/16/starkt-program-pa-folk-och-rock July 8th 2015 - Malm festivalen Announced + more shows Happy to announce I'm confirmed for Malm festivalen, one of Sweden's biggest festivals among other acts like Alice Boman,Th str m and Matthew E White. Drop by at Gustav Adolf Torg Stage on Fri 21st August at 6pm, it's free. LIVE: 13 AUG - Folk & Rock Festival Camping Stage, S vsj n (S) 14 AUG - 9:9, Upperud (S) 15 AUG - Folk & Rock Festival 2015, Segmon (S) 21 AUG - Malm festivalen, Malm (S) 09 OCT - Caf August, Karlstad (S) 10 OCT - Palatset, Link ping (S) 03 NOV - Trollh ttans bibliotek, Trollh ttan (S) June 16th 2015 - To Navigate, Thanks Sofie / Firstnighter for letting me sing on the song To Navigate on her debut album "100 words for fear". Best line "There's a kingfisher on the other side of the beach, he is slender but he has gold in his beak". Check that out and the whole album. <3 April 22nd 2015 - RECORD STORE DAY Played at RSD @ Bengans in G teborg last Saturday. Never Understand made a great write-up and recorded the set. I played 1. In and Out of the Nest 2. Avian 3. Force of Habit 4. Willing Night Plants 5. Silent Spring 6. Sarajevo. March 23rd 2015 - Safe at Home 3 THINGS I WILL REMEMBER. 1) The tour in Germany with brilliant New Partner 2. New Partner's Anna Br nhede playing pedal steel with me on the songs First in Line and Possession. 3. The tour closer at Music Star in Norderstedt. Here all in combination. xxx February 24th 2015 - 7/10 in UNCUT! Prominent UK music magazine UNCUT gives a great 7/10 review in the newest issue! "remains one of Europe's hidden prizes" Plus, a great write-up by Swedish kultursidan.nu (http://www.kultursidan.nu/?p=18970) on last show in Norrk ping. Needless to say that I love this since it puts so focus on my heel dance! Plus "His guitar technique, where he both strums and picks simultaneously, is very unique and sounds like two guitars." February 22nd 2015 - Tv appearance Last show at Skandia Theatre in Norrk ping was recorded (3 angles!) and broadcasted by local tv 24Corren's concert series Estraden. Watch it: http://www.corren.se/24corren/?clip=7784294 February 2nd 2015 - Live review "fantastic voice" Really nice review on 2015's first show (Kafe De Luxe, V xj ) fr n Sm landsposten. "I'm Kingfisher's voice is fantastic, especially in the higher notes. And... did you see that Sweden's biggest evening paper listed My Beak May Break as one of last year's 100 best songs! Next up is a theatre show. Skandiateatern in Norrk ping on February 12th. The show will also be recorded and broadcasted in local-tv + be available online. December 16th 2014 - Live set and yearlists Really honoured to see Avian reaching to a place#27 on the album list of Rockfoto ("Europe's best in the genre") And fine americana blog KENTUCKY SEVEN puts it as 6th best ("nothing less than a masterpiece, once again.") And here's a video of last show @ Trollh ttan art hall. (Set: 1. Force of Habit 2. In and out of the nest 3. Avian (instrumental) 4. Mess Minus Room 5. Willing Night Plants 6. First in Line 7. Topography of Gabon 8. Smile with your 1000 teeth 9. I'm Kingfisher 10. Superman in a wake ENCORE ----- 11. What me worried?) November 3rd 2014 - 7/10 in Sonic! Swedish leading pop magazine SONIC gives Avian a great 7 out of 10 review! "Innovative and sensitive. Seems genuinly aware of not becoming stagnant." October 18th 2014 - Avian on tour Shows coming up! 03 OCT - Debaser Strand, Stockholm (S) w Gruff Rhys 04 OCT - Mejeriet, Lund (S) w Nicole Atkins 22 OCT - Lilla Hotellbaren, Stockholm (S) w/ Bobby Blixt 31 OCT - C/o hak @ Scandic Europa, G teborg (S) 26 NOV - Grand, Malm 25 APR 2015 - Mastis, Kristinehamn September 22nd 2014 - Press quotes! Summing up a really nice release week's press quotes. September 17th 2014 - Album release + video premiere I'm proud to announce that my 5th solo album Avian is released today. Check it out through all streaming and download services. Avian is also available in a limited vinyl edition. VIDEO: MY BEAK MAY BREAK (made by Nicholas Wakeham) We're also having a new music video up on Swedish National tv's music site PSL, where I also talk with renowned music journalist Per Sinding Larsen. Find it here: http://blogg.svt.se/psl/2014/09/16/120033 September 12th 2014 - Aftonbladet gives Avian First album review! Sweden's biggest evening paper AFTONBLADET gives Avian 4 out 5! Album's released September 17th September 4th 2014 - Almost there... 2 weeks until Avian is released. Here's two press clips leaking good words. National Swedish entertainment magazine N JESGUIDEN. "Best right now: For the delicous melancholia Jonsson's beautiful Americana is deliveringe. Local news paper NYA WERMLANDS TIDNINGEN. "Recommended: After 4 years, Grums' Kingfisher is back with his strongest song collection to date. July 30th 2014 - 5TH ALBUM AVIAN OUT SEPTEMBER 17TH July 19th 2014 - Hush hush Met up with photographer Jessica Silversaga in Stockholm for some exciting 2015 stuff. July 10th 2014 - TV Appearance w Ramones cover During a festival in Sweden, I was invited by Swedish TV (SVT) to do a cover, and I chose Ramone's I Wanna Be Sedated. Enjoy! June 23rd 2014 - Single reviews Swedish biggest evening paper Aftonbladet writest about the new single. 4 out of 5 plus. "I'm Kingfisher's flying higher and higher. New single "Force of Habit" is like a desolate post card from Damien Jurado's most beautiful moments". The single was also pick of the week from Nya Wermlands Tidningen (TRIVIA: my best pal to the right, miss him). "It's midsummer's eve and Jonsson makes me long for September and the release of Avian" London radio program Tin Can Review aired the song first of all and said "absolutely wonderful" Swedish alt.folk/indie block KentuckySeven highlighted the song and wrote "immensely good". The blog 2014 simply wrote "great single". Force of Habit was also featured in Mark Ward's excellent Australian radio show Sideways Through Sound Paperwingsmedia wrote "Great folk music .../... has been making consistently great records for a few years now, developing a personal eclectic and diverse blend of sound. June 23rd 2014 - AVIAN TEST PRESSING!! June 19th 2014 - FORCE OF HABIT / HEYDAY single out now The first single from I'm Kingfishers upcoming album Avian is out now. Force of Habit with b-side Heyday are the first new songs to be released in 4 years. Follow embed link or: http://open.spotify.com/album/6cq1tYlQ99JAUqS59W5rv0 June 18th 2014 - FIRST LISTEN - ROCKFOTO STREAMS THE UPCOMING SINGLE The folks at Rockfoto stream the upcoming single Force of Habit, due to be released next week. Have a listen! http://www.rockfoto.nu/magazine/2014/06/18/vaerldspremiaer-im-kingfisher-force-of-habit/ June 5th 2014 - ALBUM COUNTDOWN#2 - first single on June 23rd So whoop thrilled to announce that Force of Habit, the first single from the upcoming album Avian will be out on June 23rd. This is my first release since 2010 //Thomas May 22nd 2014 - Kingfishers don't grow on trees bercool artist David Myrvold is making some special designed t-shirts for me to wear on stage. This Kingfisher-in-a-leaf is just pure gold and spot on. + Just for the record (!), the new album is currently on vacation in Germany for two months to find itself. May 3rd 2014 - ALBUM COUNTDOWN#1 - outtake download Album countdown. A first treat, Heyday, an outtake from the upcoming album Avian (autumn 2014) is available for streaming and freedownload via Canadian label Pipe & Hat. More to come soon! TRACK @ https://soundcloud.com/pipeandhat/heyday-demo-master May 2nd 2014 - Safe at home Thanks to all who dropped by at my 9th UK tour. It was a treat to be back at Focus Wales Festival in Wrexham, and ace to share stage with Spaceships are Cool in Nottingham. Out 6th show together. See you soon again! + Also did this interview with On the Fence http://onthefenceuk.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/interview-thomas-jonnson-of-im-kingfisher/ March 1st 2014 - Upcoming shows Most focus at the HQ on the upcoming album release, still got some shows coming up this spring, including a brand new confirmed show in Nottingham. 28 MAR - Caf August, Karlstad (S) 05 APR - Club Campfire, Falkenberg (S) 25 APR - Focus Wales 2014, Wrexham (UK) 27 APR - Jam Caf , Nottingham (UK) TBC - Uppsala (S) January 6th 2014 - Radio Session online + blog mention My radio sessio at James Hodder's show Tin Can Review (ResonanceFM, London) is now online, playing Force of Habit, Topography of Gabon and What, Me Worried?, all still unreleased. Check it out here. Listen at: http://tincanreview.com/2013/12/27/tin-can-review-saturday-14th-december-im-kingfisher/ Also, was really happy to notice that one of south Sweden's most influential rock journalists, H kan Engstr m at Sydsvenskan, was writing about me the other week prior to a show. Except telling there IS AN ALBUM COMING OUT THIS YEAR, he also wrote: "Many Neil Youngs fans want to, but there's rather few that's picked to do something unique when they pick up their guitar and play their songs. I'm Kingfisher is one of them." ("M nga Neil Youngfans r kallade, men r tt f r utvalda att g ra n got eget n r de sj lva greppar sin gitarr och skriver sina l tar. En av dem r killen som sedan n gra r kallar sig I m Kingfisher.") http://blogg.sydsvenskan.se/engstrom/2013/12/27/is-it-a-bird-ja-faktiskt/ December 22nd 2013 - In the 11th hour Really happy to announce another 2013 show, together with the great Idle Hands at Far i Hatten, Malm (S) on Dec 28th. Free entry! December 18th 2013 - Songs I played 2013 As last year, I had the great honour to compile a top 10 list for Swedish news paper V rnlands Folkblad. Here's what I liked the most during the year. December 11th 2013 - Miss UK Home after the three shows + the radio session. It was really lovely, thanks for coming out. Right now, my agent and I are planning a more extensive UK trip next year, but have to make some final decisions about the album release date first. Which is also in the pipeline. Live @ Windmill Brixton, London Radio session @ Tin Can Review, Resonance FM, London The Chattery's wall of fame, in good company with Willy Vlautin, Otis Gibbs, Handsome Family and others. This was from 2009 ... more hoarding stuff December 1st 2013 - Making some buzz UK magazine BUZZ, coversing South Wales on the upcoming tour. UPDATED November 22nd 2013 - December UK-Tour Incredibly happy to announce some new dates. NOTE: London venue and date change on Dec 8th at The Windmill. 06 DEC - Le Pub, Newport (UK) 07 DEC - Chattery, Swansea (UK) 08 DEC - Windmill (Brixton), London (UK) 09 DEC - Radio session Tin Can Review, Resonance FM, London (UK) To be broadcasted furthe on All UK dates with support from my great pal Old Lost John //Thomas November 19th 2013 - More Wales Thomas is announced among the first confirmed acts for Focus Wales 2014. This Welsh, SXSW-inspired festival takes place in Wrexham late April. Thomas is set for a show case on April 25th 2014. October 11th 2013 -G teborg This weekend I went doing an unplugged set @ Bushwick Book Club Concept, G teborg, including a song called Welcome with Consequense, inspired by the debut novel of Daniel Poohl who read from it the same evening. Really great night, also including Linn Hans n reading her poetry and Pernilla Eskilsson making the very cool stage, inspired by Linn's latest poetry collection. I'm now preparing the release of album#5 + shows in Falkenberg & UK November/December. September 10th 2013 - Live At Heart done, G teborg and Falkenberg announced Really pleased to announce that I'm returning to G teborg on October 11th, author and editor of Expo, Daniel Poohl has a reading of his novel. Afterwards, I'll play a short set including one song inspired by reading the book. Also, on 30th September I'll play at Club Campfire in Falkenberg. Below, from the showcase in St Nicolai Church @ Live at Heart 2013, rebro. August 23rd 2013 - Live At Heart and N3 coming up Happy to announce that my main show case @ Live at Heart Festival 2013 will be held at one of rebro's biggest churches St Nicolai 10PM at closing night Saturday 7th September. This is the Swedish equivalent to SXSW and an additional appearance will be made on Brasserie Rendez Vouz 7PM. But before that, I will do a show together with Mine to Keep @ N3 in Trollh ttan on August 28th. August 15th 2013 - Ages and fist fights later August 6th 2013 - On the road Hope to have some more news on the upcoming album soon. We thought we were finished, but felt we had some more to do. And when the rest of the album already have taken ages to do, why not keep the ages running for some more time. Keep tunes. In other news, enjoying some days on the road. Last at the very nice book caf Heidrun's in Fensbol. Opened for Nina Ramsby. Music as a living is really a lot about going for 7 hours in trains and cars to perform for 20 minutes, hanging out with great persons such as Nina and loving every angle of all travelling/greeting/performing. It's such a privilige to through good and bad, high and low, being able to keep this train running for ten years. July 20th 2013 - Swedish Summer Shows Thomas is confirmed to appear at the Live at Heart Festival in rebro on September 4-7th, more info tba, keep an eye out at: http://www.liveatheart.se/2013/artister/im-kingfisher. Thomas will also play at Heidruns, Fensbol on July 28th and at N3 in Trollh ttan on August 28th June 8th 2013 - Bye Bye Netherlands Home again after a terrific micro tour in Netherlands. My first stay there for five years included a lovely evening at Theater Dakota in Den Haag (soundcheck below) and a quck instore appearance at Sounds in Tilburg. Thanks to Paul @ Theater Dakota for making this happen and all people who showed up. Meant a lot and hope to be back when the new album is out. Next up after some randow Swedish date is a UK tour in late '13. April 28th 2013 - Guesting Irya's Playground Opened at Irya's Playground's album launch and tour starter show @ Mejeriet in Lund. Also joined them on A Place Where We Can Stay, a song I'm also featured on in the album version. Very fun even if my throat was a bit rough that day. Looking forward to the two shows in Netherlands on May 30-31 now, my first Dutch touring in 5 years. April 10th 2013 - Radio Session Friday's radio interview in Swedish Radio (SR) http://sverigesradio.se/sida/play.aspx?ljud=4507683 Skip 1:08:00 in, after an intro and Bonnie Tyler there'll be an interview (in Swedish) and two songs live. April 8th 2013 - First in Line Had my annual show back home at the lovely Caf August in Karlstad. Thanks to all of you who came and filled the venue. I've picked up three songs from my debut which was released 10 years ago, here's a cell phone coverage of First in Line. xx March 18th 2013 - Missing hero Please Jason Molina, don't be dead. I loved so much singing and dancing to "Leave the City" at the tribute show at S dra Teatern, Stockholm earlier this year. I think it's pretty obvious how big an influence Jason Molina is to my music. March 11th 2013 - Appearance 3 out of 4 2013 / Collaboration project Forest City's debut album French label Autres is now releasing the album "Peloton" of Forest City, which is the 3rd album of A Perfect Friend (Thomas Jonsson & C-J Larsg rden), this time teamed up with Christophe Bailleau. This 7 track album is released in a limited edition of 250 handnumbered copies in a cardboard sleeve. Info and listen at: http://autresdirections.net/inmusic/forest-city-peloton-listen/ Aside of the recent guest appearances on albums of Thomas Hine and Irya's Playground, Thomas final appearance of 2013 will be the 5th solo album. Will have some more information about this in not too long. March 5th 2013 - Upcoming shows In a month, Thomas'll do his annual homecoming show @ Caf August in Sweden, this also starts a string of shows prior to the album release later this year. The new album is closing into final mixing and a selection from this as well as from the 10 years celebrating debut album is to expected on the shows. 05 APR - Caf August, Karlstad (S) 20 APR - Moriskan, Malm (S) 26 APR - guest appearing on Irya's Playground's show, Mejeriet (S) 30 MAY - Theatre Dakota, Den Haag (NL) 31 MAY - Sounds (instore appearance), Tilburg (NL) A few more shows are tbc, keep an eye out on the tour page February 21st 2013 - Light in the end of the tunnel. End of Album Recordings Starting to nail the album recordings, over the last weeks we have had a few really intense sessions. Yesterday, I went to Gustav Haggren's studio Forte in Malm to record Helena Arlock's cello (two pictures on the left) and the other week I met up with Douglas Holmqvist's place Varelsen, Malm to record a guitar solo of Tias Carlsson (above right). Also, my pal Thomas Hine sent some harmony vocals all the way from Colorado (below right) and I'm currently awaiting for some contribution of C-J Larsg rden the other half of my side project A Perfect Friend. Still some tweaking to do, but we are definitely closing in to be finished with the recordings. //Thomas February 19th 2013 - S dra Teatern Revisited Yam Magazine on the S dra Teatern show. "... "I m Kingfisher took over and played the songs Tigress and Leave the City in his own Indie/Folk way, featuring his beatnik type of dancing, which I found amusing." Beatnik! February 8th 2013 - Appearance 2 out of 4 2013 / Guesting on Irya's Playground I do some vocals on Irya's Playground's upcoming album (released April), most clearly heard, the response vocals on their brand new single/video "A Place Where We Can Stay" Enjoy! February 2nd 2013 - Finally back to The Netherlands Thomas will do his first stage appearance in the Netherlands for 5 years after an invitation from Theater Dakota in Den Haag. The show will take place on May 30th. More news about this soon, keep an eye out for additional appearances. January 31st 2013 - The Jason Molina Tribute @ S dra Teatern Loved being a part of the Jason Molina Tribute show at S dra Teatern last monday. I played Tigress and Leave The City, the latter backed with an amazing band with members of Loney Dear, Ass, The Tiny, Ane Brun's band. Also really nice to hung out with the other acts; The Tallest Man on Earth (below), Idiot Wind, Muxxika77, Dear Euphoria, Tarantula Waltz, Promise and The Monster and Grand Opening. Check out for some photos and videos later. January 23rd 2013 - Appearance 1 out of 4 2013 / Guesting on Thomas Hine's album As I might have mentioned clearly and more than once, 2013 looks like a good year with 4 album appearances; my 5th solo album, plus the 3rd album related to my band A Perfect Friend and two guest appearances on albums I really like. First up is the brand new album of my friend, Colorado folkster Thomas Hine with whom I swapped albums for years and years. I'm doing harmony (well) vocals on the track Ploughman.Listen to it and if you like it, swing by his FB-page for more. January 22nd 2013 - Je suis martin-p cheur / French Interview Thomas is featured in a two page interview in the new issue of French country magazine Le Cri Du Coyote, it also includes a mention on the cover and some encouraging words, I don't know much french but who could mistake "Outrageusement talenteux" Find it here: PAGE 1 PAGE 2 January 2nd 2013 - Feature in obladoo.se (S) Extensive article+interview in Swedish site obladoo.se. They even did a best-of-denver/kingfisher-playlist. Kudos! http://obladoo.se/blog/musik/2013/01/02/i%c2%b4m-kingfisher-lyfter-igen/ January 1st 2013 - Feature in Somojo (UK) A new interview in British site Somojo about polar expeditions, the upcoming album and Project Runway obsessions. Somojo also took the opporunity to do what's presumably the last ever review on 2010's Arctic album. " "The release of this musical undergarment is worth its weight in gold. It is every bit as meaningful as the day it was conceived" INTERVIEW: http://www.somojomagazine.com/index.php/music/interviews/item/879-interview-with-i m-kingfisher REVIEW: http://www.somojomagazine.com/index.php/music/reviews/item/871-im-kingfisher-arctic?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter December 21st 2012 - Year off coming to an end Dear all, took it a bit calmer this year, partly to be able to focus more on the upcoming album, and partly due to personal reasons. It's been a really nice year musically nevertheless with eight exceptions/shows, a feature in the photo book Swedish Musical Landscape, some off-season interviews, songs written and lovely times. First up for 2012 is that I, Tallest Man on Earth, Dear Euphoria, Tarantula Waltz and some more will do a tribute show to Jason Molina @ S dra Teatern in Stockholm on Januray 28th. I will also do an appearance in Malm and more is cooking. Later this year I'm releasing my 5th solo album, plus an album with a side project Forest City, plus guest appearing on the forthcoming albums of Irya's Playground and Thomas Hine. I also recently did interviews with Swedish National Radio and the French country magazine Le Cri Du Coyote about the upcoming album. I was also asked by a local news paper to compile a top10 album year list and my favorites this year was 1) Earth 2) Damien Jurado 3) Peaking Lights 4) Cat Power 5) Diiv 6) Beach House 7) Th str m 8) Perfume Genius 9) Lambchop and 10) Bill Fay Have great holidays. Stay tuned. Thanks. xxx Thomas December 17th 2012 - UPDATE Swedish Radio Feature Dec 15th THE P2 INTERVIEW W AN ACOUSTIC VERSION OF A NEW SONG IS FOUND AT: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/129531?programid=2486 Interview in the studio (Swedish) 17:40 minutes into the program, the song "force of habit" at 25. At my last day of album sessions, Swedish Radio (P2), visited the studio to check what we were doing. Interview + an acoustic live version of new song Force of Habit will be heard on Swedish radio P2, Saturday December 15th, 12.03. The material will be available for streamed listening 30 days after the broadcast. Stay put for listening link. SR P2 Felicia December 11th 2012 - Going Heartworn Highways Hanging out for a couple of days with Helena Sundstr m (Mine to Keep) December 4th 2012 - IMK confirmed for Jason Molina Tribute Show I'm Kingfisher, Tallest Man on Earth, Idiot Wind, Dear Euphoria, Tarantula Waltz and many more will do a charity show in tribute to the music of Jason Molina. This will take place on Jan 28th on the grand theatre S dra Teatern in Stockholm. Really pleased to announce this. http://www.sodrateatern.com/sv/Program-och-biljetter/Evenemang/Cross-the-Road-Molina/ November 25th 2012 - Arlock Vs. Kingfisher Met up with Helena Arlock (Me and My Army) on the countryside, starting with her appearances on the upcoming album. Excited. Had a lovely day yesterday, drinking gluhwein and cuddling with her Dachshund. November 23rd 2012 - Compilation CD appearance "Peacock Color Song" from the Arctic album is featured on the brand new Austrian compilation cd Between The Lines Volume 5. It's released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland today. Other featuring artists include Van Morrison, The Head and The Heart, Robyn Hitchcock and Wendy McNeill. Order it here when available: http://www.amazon.com/Between-Lines-Vol-5-Whos-Painting/dp/B009L4G9LA (Don't mind if you make sure you have the Arctic album first though: Arctic @ Amazon.co.uk) November 5th 2012 - Van Zandt-cover up on Spotify Thomas' cover "To Live is to Fly" is finally available, along with the rest of the Townes Van Zandt tribute album "via the great unknown" (2009), on Spotify TO LIVE IS TO FLY: http://open.spotify.com/track/63LQIJM5IfYRuRhRcq2enu October 23rd 2012 - Concert broadcast / collaboration track Yesterday, Swedish radio broadcasted a recording from the show in Karlstad earlier this year. This is archived for a month and can be heard at: http://sverigesradio.se/sida/play.aspx?ljud=4213844 after 3 minutes of news. Selection features the new songs. + here's the track Ploughman from Thomas Hine's upcoming album 'Forgive My Future' (2013) where I'm Kingfisher-Thomas features on harmony vocals. October 12th 2012 - New collaboration album coming out: PELOTON of FOREST CITY A new collaboration project FOREST CITY, with me, CJ Larsg rden who's my partner in A Perfect Friend and Belgian experimental nestor Christophe Bailleau. Has been signed. Look out for the album Peloton later. More news soon. October 8th 2012 - Thomas Times Two Just cut some vocals for the next album of Thomas Hine, Colorado folk artist. Expect some more news soon, the album should be out early 2013. September 28th 2012 - Summing up 2012 Trollh ttan's always been treating me well. Went up for possibly the last show of the year, had a great meeting and tried a lot of new material out. The set opened with Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery, premiered Finale of the Unfinished around midway through and closed with a Force of Habit encore. Cheers! September 20th 2012 - Collaboration with Irya's Playground Went to a studio in the outskirts and I cut some harmony vocals that hopefully will appear on the second album of Irya's Playground. Should be out next year. September 12th 2012 - Trollh ttan show confirmed: 26 September @ N3 Thomas is confirmed to do a free show @ N3 in Trollh ttan (S) on 26th September. The evening is shared with friend and collaborator Mine to Keep (Helena Sundstr m). (Below): From the September 8th show @ Mejeriet, Lund (S) September 5th 2012 - Cover version Prior to the show @ Mejeriet, Lund (S) on saturday. Most memorable question from the Q&A: "Which cartoon character would you like to make out with?" The whole interview at: CITY INTERVIEW (Swedish) August 21st 2012 - Show confirmed at Mejeriet Another rare show confirmed for 2012. I will open for Over it. Into it @ Mejeriet in Lund (S) on september 8th. Below: The show at Sliperiet Art Hall in Borgvik. August 2nd 2012 - Man on the roof Spent some fine time yesterday in Karlskrona with the talented mr. Gustav Adb ge, who made most of the photo material accompanying the Arctic album. Now we did a new session for future use for new albums and beardless times to come. July 30th 2012 - Back to the nest Yesterday's show @ sliperiet Exhibition Hall, Borgvik summed up a week of 3 shows and 2 days finishing the album recordings for me. Will go back to the nest now, biding my time for a while and then soon have some more news. xx Thomas July 27th 2012 - Album update + live review Yesterday, me and my long term producer Carl Edlom finished the vocals and guitars for the upcoming album in our mobile studio set up in Smedstorp, Sweden. After these two days of studio sessions, a big step towards completing the whole album is taken. More news soon. The latest show was reviewed in newspaper TTELA with a really nice review. "Got standing ovations from the seated audience. He sings damn good and plays [guitar] equally well" Excerpt from the review in Swedish below (minus the quoted bad beard jokes) July 19th 2012 - Cuz I'm a Kingfisher yes I am Hectic ten days coming up, playing at two friends' wedding tomorrow, then in Trollh ttan on Sunday (picture), two days in the studio finishing the forthcoming album next week and show @ Sliperiet in Borgvik (S) on June 29th. See you around. Feels good to be back in the saddle for a ride. June 14th 2012 - On the road again This past weekend, Thomas made one of few shows this year. This time on old home grounds, back at Caf August in Karlstad on June 9th. Trying out two thirds of the songs from the new album. Check set-list out at: SETLISTS June 5th 2012 - New UK agent I'm Kingfisher is now represented for UK/Ireland bookings by Big City Lights, home for among others Neil Halstead. Expect some dates coming up later for 2013 touring. http://big-city-lights-uk.tumblr.com/I'mKingfisher May 25th 2012 - Cover I've had my eyes on her for a great while and am now really excited to have Mexico's Geninne D. Zlatkis doing the artwork for the upcoming album http://www.geninne.com/ May 18th 2012 - Tarantula vs Kingfisher Me and Markus Svensson (The Tarantula Waltz) wrote a song today and started sketching on a forthcoming EP together. May 12th 2012 - Spotify-playlist for Obladoo.se Compiled a 15-track Spotify playlist for Swedish music site obladoo.se Article: http://obladoo.se/blog/musik/aktuellt/2012/05/12/spellista-i m-kingfisher/ Shortlink: PLAYLIST May 7th 2012 - Photo book 'Swedish Music Landscapes'out Today, I got my copy of Julien Bourgeois' photo book 'Swedish Music Landscapes' covering the Swedish indie scene. I'm in it and I'm in great company such as of Loney Dear, Dear Euphoria, Christian Kjellvander, Jens Lekman, Britta Persson and more. April 27th 2012 - Radio recordings Swedish Radio (SR) will record the show at Caf August in Karlstad on June 9th. April 19th 2012 - Dear Diary, let me tell you about my new love for pedals Nice yesterday, met up for coffee with Mattias (who promoted my first ever band show in '02) who was briefly in the area. When I returned home I got these two lovely gadgets waiting for me. Come echo, come buzz. April 17th 2012 - Studio Activity Just went back to Douglas Holmquist's studio today to cut some more guest vocals for Firstnighter's upcoming debut. Lovely song indeed. April 9th 2012 - Studio vs. Studio After a brief break, I and my producer Carl Edlom resumed the record sessions for the upcoming album. We put up our gear in an art studio in the sterlen area in the Swedish south-east. We had a very prosperous day adding a lot of guitars and even cut a whole new song. For the first time it feels like stuff are coming to shape. April 3rd 2012 - Featured in forthcoming French Photo book The great photographer Julien Bourgeois has over the last years compiled a photo book featuring the Swedish indie scene. I'm proud and thrilled to be featured in it(!) together with great favorites such as Dear Euphoria, Loney Dear, Christian Kjellvander, Wildbird and Peacedrums, First Aid Kit, Jens Lekman, Kristoffer str m and more. THE BOOK IS OUT IN MAY and PRE-ORDERS+DETAILS are put at: http://www.microcultures.fr/swedishmusic More soon! March 31st 2012 - Tried the Beardy Material Out Was stoked to play again, last Wednesday at home grounds, Sm lands Nation in Lund (S) I played 1) Transition 2) Avian 3) What Me Worried? 4) Willing Night Plants 5) The Lion's Share 6) I'm Kingfisher 7) Arctic Fox Too Majestic For The Tundra 8) Deer Theatre 9) Force of Habit + encores: 10) Expedition 11) Smile with your 1000 teeth March 23rd 2012 - Breaking the bubble Though having a year off, I've been very much into the new album lately and also have confirmed a new show in Karlstad (S) on Jun 9th @ Caf August. Super excited to try new stuff (and some old) March 5th 2012 - Up with the birds Although I'm not really touring this year (focusing on the new album recordings), I'm doing a local show @ Sm lands Nation, Lund (S) on March 28th and I'm stoked about that. The new album is currently going under the project name "THE BIRD ALBUM" and is the second part of a planned trilogy. This is a sketch over the whole series. January 2012 - Getty Images BACKSTAGE announced During Midem music fair this week, Getty Images launched their new music synch resource BACKSTAGE. We're proud to be on this, not the least 'cause Getty Image music handpicked five tracks from Arctic to work with. and "GUESTLIST tracks are very selective and consistently refreshed to deliver unique sound to content creators and music supervisors who are working on highly visible projects such as trailers, films and commercials. KUDOS! http://www.gettyimages-guestlist.com January 23rd 2012 - Acoustic "A Continent Lost" on free download Italian music site Ondarock launches their 5th onlince compilation OndaDrops Vol.5 - Postcards from the North", a free download compilation featuring an exclusive acoustic cut of the song A Continent Lost, originally featured in a band version on the last album Arctic. Go to the track-list to see and download the tracks. For the A Continent Lost (Acoustic version) download it at: http://www.archive.org/download/OndadropsVol5-ImKingfisher-AContinentLostacousticVersion/03.ImKingfisher-AContinentLostacousticVersion.mp3 January 8th 2012 - Fundings for new album Thanks to Kulturr det (Swedish Culture Counsile) for giving 30.000kr for production fundings on the forthcoming album. December 28th 2011 - Interview with the Useless Critic Thomas speaks with the Useless Critic about the future, the new album, the album trilogy and the difference between alt.country and white noise. http://www.theuselesscritic.com/2011/12/im-kingfisher-interview.html December 16th 2011 - kingnighterfirstfisher From a lovely morning with Douglas Holmquist (Testbild) in his studio in Malm . I've cut some vocals that (hopefully) will end up on Firstnighters debut album next year. She's amazing and I'm thrilled about this. December 12th - INTERVIEW WITH THE JITTY (UK) New interview published @ http://www.thejitty.com/articles/kingfisherinterview December 7th 2011 - WISHES FOR HAPPY HOLIDAYS As some of you already know, my show in Malm the 17th will mark the beginning of a calmer peiod for me touringwise. I will most certainly do the odd show every now and then so keep yourself updated on the tour page. For next year, I'm going to focus on the recording on my next album, the second part of my album trilogy, which we already have started recording. I've also written a first draft of the last part of the trilogy. Somewhen around late 2012 or early 2013 we will release the new album and I will be back in the saddle entirely again. I will keep posting stuff here and on the social platforms, got some fun collab stuff to present soon. This year has been one of the best for me both musicwise and in general. Thanks all of you who've been a part of that. Can't wait for the future. xx Thomas + A BAKER'S DOZEN - MY FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2011 1. Earth - Angels of Darkness, demons of light 2. Mogwai - Hardcore will never die, but you will 3. Bon Iver - Bon Iver 4. My Morning Jacket - Circuital 5. Eleanor Friedberger - Last Summer 6. Bill Callahan - Rough Travel for a rare thing 7. James Blake - James Blake 8. Loney Dear - Hall Music 9. The head and the heart - S/t 10. The Deer Tracks - The Archer Trilogy Pt.2 11. Jonathan Johansson - Klagomuren 12. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Tell me 13. Tennis - Cape Dory 14. Ondo/Nekrasov - (Split LP) + HAPPY HOLIDAYS! UPDATED November 19h 2011 - NEW MUSIC VIDEO: SVALBARD (/w press quotes) "The album made it to the best of 2010, and keeps rotating on our lists. Arctic is an masterpiece. The video is no exception." Kentuckyseven (S) "It's definitely a strong one" JA JA JA (UK) "Et album som er like vennlig og fint, som l tskriver og mannen bak kunstnernavet; Thomas Denver Johanson er en hyggelig kar. Hvilket vil si meget." Aslaugok.com (N) Here's the fourth and last music video of the album 'Arctic'. The song, entitled 'Svalbard' is featuring Richard Neuberg (Viarosa) on Mandolin and the man on the ice is Stefan Westling who provided the cover art for the album. If you like this, please share the link: http://youtu.be/oDi7Vw8fSKU (if you're up for helping me doing a music video for the album's 7-minute track 'Deer Theatre', get in touch at info@thomasdenver.com) November 16th 2011 - CASABLANCA ACCORDING TO THE KIFI Thomas performed at Pop Quiz Malm the other day. Aside from his ordinary set he also performed a cover song of his own pick as a question in Quiz. 2p for right band and 2p for right song. Here's the answer revealed. UPDATED October 29th 2011 - NEW UK REVIEWS + 1 INTERVIEW More really good online press on the UK re-release of Arctic. * NEW REVIEW: FOR FOLK'S SAKE (UK) "Bon Iver s alone-in-the- woods masterpiece For Emma, Forever Ago aside, few albums can boast a sense of place to match Arctic. * NEW REVIEW: LIVE MUSIC SCENE (UK) "Jonsson s ability to weave beautiful lyrical melodies whilst keeping them poignant is impressive and he manages to avoid falling into the trap of melodramatic clich s about love creating a beautiful yet deep artwork that is a true pleasure to listen to." * REVIEW: SLOUCHER.ORG (UK) "A wonderful (but creepy) album" Also check out Sloucher's review for a lot of movie references "You get seven minutes of wonderful, terrifying musical ideas and the perfect score for a devastating horrible blizzard tearing the place a new one (or a monster chasing Kurt Russell or Tom Baker)." Plus, finally, The Mighty Boosh is mentioned in a Kingfisher review * REVIEW: PENNYBLACK MUSIC (UK) "An incredible indie folk act .../... I feel my life is slightly better each time I listen to 'Arctic'" * INTERVIEW: PENNYBLACK MUSIC (UK) Pennyblack Music also made an interview with Thomas, talking about the full concept of 'Arctic' and about the Swedish pop scene. * REVIEW (7 out of 10): WHISPERIN' & HOLLERIN' (UK) "As much influenced by the picked, leftfield dynamics of John Fahey and Bill Callahan as the hushed vocals of Will Oldham, the record is at once both polite but dramatic, turning over its ideas, ruminating between topics and within the genre, track on track .../... An artist by all means, and a talented one, particularly with his use of guitar." * REVIEW: ALLGIGS.CO.UK (UK) October 26th 2011 - SONG OF TOMORROW DVD RELEASE The motion picture Framtidens Melodi ("Song of tomorrow") from 2009 (Swedish cinema premier 2010), that features the song Possession (duet w. Elina Johansson from the album The Lake Acts Like an Ocean) during the end credits is finally available on DVD. Swedish, English and French subtitles available as well as directors' commentary. Info and ordering at: http://folketsdvd.se/framtidens-melodi (In Swedish only) October 13th 2011 - RADIO SESSION + SHOW REVIEW Thomas played yesterday at Trollh ttan together with his friend Helena Sundstr m aka Mine to Keep, whose debutalbum he contributed vocals too a few years ago. The show got a really raving review in the local newspaper TTELA (in Swedish) "A top class perfomance .../... we saw a kingfisher transform into an eagle" REVIEW HERE In the wee morning prior to the show, Thomas did a radio interview and session with P4 V st, check it out here (also Swedish) October 3rd 2011 - MORE UK PRESS British e-zine Electric Ghost puts a nice note prior to Arctic's re-release in UK in mid-Oct (updated frequently) September 30th 2011 - BLOG SESSION Before the show in Wrexham on September 9th, Thomas played a new song for the lovely blog We are The Sound + SMILE WITH YOUR 1000 TEETH September 23rd 2011 - R2 INTERVIEW Thomas met up with Gerry Ranson from the UK folk/rock-magazine R2 in London and an interview is published in their brand new Sep/Oct issue. Read the interview: HERE September 14th 2011 - NEW REVIEWS Thomas have just returned from his 7th UK tour to date. His album 'Arctic' also awaits a UK re-release in October and new reviews and stuff will be added here frequently. Folk Radio UK (FRUK) just published a 4 star review @ THEIR WEBSITE "I m Kingfisher is clearly in the zone with this release. The gentle nature of the music, experimentation and subtle electronica draw out his incredible voice and lyrics, this is just the beginning." Amp Magazine (UK) also published a really raving review. "There are a lot of singersongwriters in the music industry at present, with Arctic, I'm Kingfisher has raised the bar and set the standard to the next level for others to attempt to follow." August 8th 2011 - GOING BACK TO UK UPDATE SEP 6TH - CARDIFF SHOW RELOCATED TO 10 FEET TALL First up is shows in Segmon, Malm and Karlstad. After that, Thomas will go back to UK for 5 new shows, mostly in Wales. 6 SEP - LONDON/CAMDEN (UK) @ Dublin Castle 8 SEP - CARDIFF (UK) @ 10 FEET TALL(+ Meilir) 9 SEP - WREXHAM (UK) @ The Central Station 10 SEP - HOLYWELL (UK) @ The Well Inn Festival 2011 11 SEP - CHESTER (UK) @ the Telford's Warehouse June 16th 2011 - DREAMS AT THE FILM CLUB I: THOMAS TO PERFORM @ M NICH FILM FESTIVAL, GERMANY JULY 2ND Thomas has been invited by the Swedish Film Institute to perform at the public afterparty on the last evening of the festival, July 2nd. SFI, who except arranging the concert also screens a lot of Swedish quality movies during festival, among others a full retrospective of Roy Andersson's movies. Thomas shares the bill @ Gasteig will Hellsingland Underground and everything starts at 8PM. DREAMS AT THE FILM CLUB II: THE SONG 'POSSESSION' IN NEW SWEDISH MOVIE Thomas song 'Possession' (as Thomas Denver Jonsson) is featured in it's entirety in the end credits of the movie "Framtidens Melodi (Song of Tomorrow)" which was premiered on Swedish cinemas last friday. The movie, originally released 2009, has been touring a lot around the world at Film Festivals and have gathered prizes and raving reviews (for an example the award "Best Actor" on Mexico City's Film Festival. May 31st 2011 - ACOUSTIC SESSION + INTERVIEW Thomas is currently halfway through his tour and has now joined up with Christian Kjellvander, Boy Omega and The Tarantula Waltz for a week's touring in Austria & Croatia. Earlier this month, he did a show in Leuven, Belgiun and had the ace filmer Jeroen Jullet follow his every step for a day. It resultet in this feature + live footage + interview + Thomas playing Whale Hunt + Svalbard live in a staircase. Listen to that natural reverb! May 25th 2011 - REVIEW & INTERVIEW WITH US DIRTY IMPOUND Thomas is interviewed by US blog Dirty Impound and also got a really tasty review on his newest album. "Arctic, I m Kingfisher s tantalizing debut ...//... is a meditative, melancholy trek but one flecked with humor and oddly beveled poetry, a relative to Iron & Wine, Damien Jurado and most especially M. Ward" http://www.dirtyimpound.com/2011/05/impounded-inquiries-im-kingfisher/ May 23th 2011 - IN THE STUDIO MAKING ALBUM 5 Just a short note that I and Carl Edlom have had our first studio session recording stuff for my future 5th album. I guess there will be reason to get back more about this when we're closing to finishing, which speaking from experience can be an extremely long process. Bottom line is that I'm really happy though to be on it again, I forecast the next album to be warmer and for this one and I have way much more material that made the final cut than we're able to squeeze in, which will be a really delicate problem later on to make the final track list. Next up (if the Icelandic volcano cloud won't hinder me), is the European 9 date tour in UK/Austria/Croatia starting on thursday. Can't wait. I'm so excited to get out again. I've just had a talk with (INTERVIEW) Nottingham Live about the show on Friday. --T May 19th 2011 - 4 STAR REVIEW IN R2 (UK) also, don't miss out Thomas' UK/AUSTRIA/CROATIA-TOUR May 26 - June 4 and the recent 4 STAR REVIEW in Uncut (UK) May 12th 2011 - UPCOMING UK/AUSTRIA/CROATIA-TOUR updated May 16th change location for the show May 28th After playing Belgium last week and opening for Band of Heathens in Malm yesterday, next performing task for Thomas will be embarking on a 9-date European tour taking him to UK, Austria and Croatia between May 26th and June 4th. The dates in Austria and Croatia will be together will fellow Swedes Christian Kjellvander, Boy Omega and The Tarantula Waltz. 26 MAY - LONDON (LEYTONSTONE) (UK) @ What's Cookin' @ The North Star 27 MAY - NOTTINGHAM (UK) @ The Walk (+ Rob of Spaceships are Cool) 28 MAY - WREXHAM (UK) Focus Wales 2011 @ Central Station 30 MAY - GRAZ (AT) @ Forum Stadtpark 31 MAY - WIEN (AT) @ Szene 01 JUN - LINZ (AT) @ Posthof 02 JUN - DORNBIRN (AT) @ Spielboden 03 JUN - ZAGREB (HR) @ SC Teatar & TD 04 JUN - INNSBRUCK (AT) @ B ckerei Thomas will do a few shows in Sweden during the summer and more dates are on their way. Keep updated for newly confirmed shows over at the: TOUR-PAGE May 4th 2011 - NEW VIDEO: A CONTINENT LOST First of two music videos signed Carl Edlom (producer of 'Arctic') and Johan Eklund, we give you 'A CONTINENT LOST'. Enjoy! + A really good UK review over at: Netrhytms. The reviewer draws references to great guitarists like John Martyn, John Fahey, M Ward, Jason Molina and Neil Young. ++ Cery Matthews at BBC6 recently played 'Feline Funeral' from the album on her show. Apr 28th 2011 - ARCTIC GETS 4/5 IN UNCUT In the new issue of british UNCUT, Arctic is reviewed twice (!). Rob Hughes writes "Has been knocking out fine records for almost a decade .../... his tremolous voice [is] still hugely affecting. Colleague Mike Houghton writes "Jonsson deserves to be singled out .../... 'Willing Night Plants' inhabits the same doomy world as Neil Youngs' 'Ambulance Blues" Apr 24th 2011 - DAMIEN JURADO-TOUR REVISITED Thomas has just returned from his week supporting Damien Jurado in Sweden/Denmark and he has got some really good reviews and mentions: * First, the show at S dra Teatern, Stockholm was recorded and is available to listen to at: http://www.gimmeindie.se/live/konsert/imkingfisher/ (click on the play symbol) Gimme Indie writes: "One of the most humble and completely brilliant artists we've got" * US renowened music site Jambase.com has a raving review up at: http://www.jambase.com/Articles/49503/JamBase-Questionnaire-I m-Kingfisher "The fathoms deep feeling and gently leaping poetic language of Jonsson s work is one of those magical, humanizing sounds". The article also contains a short interview where Thomas among other things reveals his dancing skills! * Danish Diskant.dk reviewed the show in Copenhagen. Gave it 9 out of 10 and wrote "A magic evening with two unique musicians" http://www.diskant.dk/live/koncertanmeldelser/11-04-11-damien-jurado-og-i m-kingfisher-huset-i-magstr de.htm * Swedish Rockfoto.nu listed the gig as one of the best forthcoming shows and wrote that Thomas' album Arctic was "one of the best Swedish albums of last year" (http://rockfoto.nu/magazine/2011/04/15/veckans-basta-spelningar-9/) * Thomas was also interviewed by Swedish radio P4 (Swedish only) "A big voice in a small body" http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=4066&artikel=4466939 * Finally, Thomas made an acoustic appearance (above) for the French music site Le Cargo, who in the article says that Arctic is one of the best folk albums of this year. http://www.lecargo.org/spip/i-m-kingfisher/session-acoustique-273/article7038.html Mar 11th 2011 - TOURS WITH DAMIEN JURADO & CHRISTIAN KJELLVANDER + SOME RECENT REVIEWS Really happy to announce that Thomas will support Damien Jurado on his shows in Copenhagen, Stockholm, G teborg and Malm in April and will also go on tour with fellow Swedes Christian Kjellvander, Boy Omega and Tarantula Waltz in Austria and Croatia in May/June. The dates + for the aforementioned Belgian appearance and a few random Swedish shows are all up at the Tour page + Arctic just got a really raving 4/5 review at Athen's Voice - 'the largest free-press weekly newspaper in Greece'. "Thomas Jonsson has just sucked all the aesthetic philosophy of folk and americana, but has made it his own. He lives within it and therefore can and transform into something so beautiful, so sweet, so personal, so crucial and so convincing that it is impossible to believe that this guy is from Sweden." Also some recent really great Belgian reviews @ ""First, the album is clearly 'folk', but you can also describe it as a kind of Scandinavian-rock because it really comes close to some of the sounds of Icelandic colleagues Sigur Ros'" - Damusic.be (4/6) "Spans from lo-fi la M Ward to synth-driven music la Mogwai. The result is a remarkable singer/songwriter-album" - Soundslike.be Feb 14th 2011 - VIDEO PREMIERE: SMILE WITH YOUR 1000 TEETH + LIVE Feb 9th 2011 - SHOW IN BELGIUM / GREAT BELGIAN REVIEWS (updated) Thanks to Roel @ Live Nation, Thomas will get back to Belgium for a solo show for the first time in 5 years, when he plays @ Stuk/Petit Labo in Leuven May5th. Keep updated for possible adds to the schedule. As reported earlier, the new album "Arctic" has received very good reviews in Belgium's biggest news papers since the release there a couple of weeks ago. Translated quotes below, click on each reference for original reviews. "Would be a new favorite from the alternative US scene if it wasn't for the fact that he's from Sweden. Sounds a bit like The Courage of others of Midlake when putting acoustic folk, electric and electronic sounds, strings or brass over very good songs, fevered, luminous and melancholy, that evoke a north pole expedition during the global warming. - L'Avenir (BE) "Certainly one early 2011 album for everyone who listens to Port O' Brien, Bon Iver, The National and M Ward. The Swede is touching, poetic, lyrical and magic." - DH (La Derni re Heure) (BE) "Reminds of Bon Iver and Bonnie Prince Billy and we could honestly never have guessed that a Swede could behind this music. A mature album of an experienced and talented songwriter" - De Standaard (BE) "He dreams about great american views and we dream with him, from start to beginning a flawless disc" - Le Soir (Le Mad) (BE) "This album is a revelation, because every song has something original and innovative to offer .../... an album to cherish" - Rootstime.be (BE) "'Arctic' baths in a glacier atmosphere, the guitars seems to have icicles instead of strings and his voice also seemingly reverbs againt an ice surface. It's a successful scene setting that warms the heart" - Knack (BE) Jan 24th 2011 NEW COLLABORATION: BROTHERS & SISTERS BOOKING AGENCY Thomas now works with the Swedish booking agency Brothers & Sisters who also have indie acts such as Simian Ghost, In These Woods and Leaders Off on their roster. BROTHERS&SISTERS WWW Jan 17th 2011 NOMINATED FOR MUSIC AWARD Thomas is nominated for the Swedish music prize Manifest in the category Best Singer/Songwriter. The winner is announced at the Manifest Gala @ Nalen in Stockholm February 4th. Jan 13th 2011 LATVIAN SHOWS NEXT WEEK Thomas will return to Riga next week to perform for the first time since 2007. The tour includes two solo shows, one guest appearance on a show with his great friend Goran Gora and a radio session. Please, make yourself updated regarding times and prices. This tour is put together in it's entirety by Goran Gora + his management. 19 JAN - Radio 101, Riga (LV) (Radio Session) 19 JAN - Sapnu Fabrika, Riga (LV) (Guest appearance on Goran Gora's show) 20 JAN - Club "Perle", Riga (LV) 22 JAN - I Love You Bar, Riga (LV) Dec 22th 2010 ROUND UP / FAVORITE ALBUM OF 2010 LIST Hi all. Just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays. I also wanted to take a moment to thank you all who've come to the shows or listened to the songs of the album. 2010 sure was a really nice experience for me and I have big hopes for 2011 becoming a keeper. Here are my fav albums of the year, a bit revised compared to the list published at It's a trap some weeks ago where I somehow forgot Yrsel and Mynabirds great debuts. 01. Damien Jurado - St Bartlett 02. Sleigh Bells - Treats 03. Mogwai - Special moves 04. Beach House - Teen dream 05. Dear Euphoria - This night will flee 06. Samantha Crain - One 07. The Mynabirds - What we lost in the fire we gained in the flood 08. Yrsel - Requiem For The Three Kharites 09. The National - High violet 10. Sufjan Stevens - The age of Adz 11. I Was a King - Old friends 12. The Unwinding Hours - s/t 13. Birds of Passage - Without the world 2011, starts for me with a show at home in Lund, then to a small tour in Latvia in January, in the end of January, my back catalog will get a digital re-release + last album will come out again physical. But most I guess it means that all the catalog will be available on Spotify. Then in February, Arctic will be released in Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. In March the album will come out in UK, which I really look forward to. Keep updated on the website for upcoming tours. Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for a great 2011. xx Thomas Dec 22th 2010 ARCTIC ON TOP Arctic has been mentioned in Swedish magazines' and sites' top lists over the year's best music. Here are some: #10 - AFTONBLADET (Sweden's biggest evening paper) #3 - JOYZINE.SE (Anders Nilsson) #3 - GAFFA (Emma Rastb ck) #8 - ABSOLUTE NOISE (FR) (list over best music videos) #10 - V RMLANDS FOLKBLAD #11 - JOYZINE.SE (Nina Torbacke) #7 - NYA WERMLANDS TIDNINGEN Dec 9th 2010 ARCTIC'S FIRST INTERNATIONAL RELEASE DATES Benelux Feb 14 via V2 Germany/Austria/Switzerland Feb 25 via Edel Distribution UK March 7th via Essential Music France TBA Except for our distributors we also work with the fine people @ John Crosby PR (UK) and Dirk Laubringer @ Guerilla Music (Germany/Austria/Switzerland) for external PR. Nov 30th 2010 PRE-RELEASE UK REVIEW - 8/10 in Americana UK We're currently preparing the UK release, all info about it soon, for somewhen early 2011. Glad to notice that good people over at Americana UK, not only were aware of the Swedish release and made an early UK review about it, but also gave it a 8 out of 10. " Sweden produces another excellent export - the new musical guise of Thomas Denver Jonsson ...//... There are great songs, interesting arrangements, lovely touches of strings and guitar flourishes." REVIEW IN FULL HERE Americana UK + Maverick Magazine compiles a top album list where Arctic has made it to the top10 for two months in a row. And again folks, the album is due to get a proper UK release spring 2011. Nov 14th 2010 TOUR PHOTO ALBUM + SETLISTS UPLOADED Thomas has just finished his Scandinavian tour with Ed Harcourt and will continue with shows in Stockholm (17.11), Malm (27.11 w Anna Von Hausswolff), Trollh ttan (12.12) and more are tbc. TOUR PHOTO ALBUM and SET LIST PAGE are updated. Check TOUR PAGE for upcoming shows. Nov 13th 2010 NEW ALBUM "ARCTIC" IS OUT NOW ON PLAYGROUND MUSIC!! Thomas' 4th solo album "Arctic", the first under the new name I'm Kingfisher is now out on Playground Music in Scandinavia. All info over @ DISCOGRAPHY. Order information (also for international customers) over @ SHOP. Arctic is also coming out in a deluxe edition with the extra 3-track EP "Antarctica". The whole album is streamed @ SPOTIFY The first reviews have also been published. This note will be frequently updated. "Viktigare n n gonsin" ("More important than ever") - Aftonbladet (S) 5/6 "Et lille mesterv rk" ("A little Masterpiece") - GAFFA-DK (DK) "Storslaget och intimt" ("Grandiose and intimate") - Metro (S) "Jonssons r st kan sm lta is" ("Jonsson's voice can melt ice") - Upsala Nya Tidning 5/6 "En fandens smuk cd" ("A damn beautiful album") - Undertoner.dk 4/5 "N rmar sig full ndning" ("Approaching perfection") - V rmlands Folkblad (S) 9/10 "Et af rets st rkeste og mest dragende mesterv rker" ("One of this year's strongest masterpieces") - Diskant (DK) 5/6 - GAFFA-SE (S) 6/10 - Sonic (S) 4/6 - N jesguiden (S) 4/6 - Soundvenue (DK) 4/5 - Sm lands Tidning (S) 4/5 - V rnamo Nyheter (S) Oct 12th 2010 THOMAS TO SUPPORT ED HARCOURT'S NOVEMBER TOUR Thomas is confirmed to open for Ed Harcourt's shows in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All in all six shows in Copenhagen (3.11), Malm (4.11), G teborg (5.11), Uppsala (6.11), Stockholm (8.11) and Oslo (9.11) Find all dates and venues at the tour page Oct 7th 2010 MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE Right now, the music video of the single "Willing Night Plants", directed by Nicholas Wakeham is premiered by Playground music at their blog Check it out and leave a comment. Sep 28th 2010 Music Video Teaser / Video Interview with birdguides.com Thomas talked recently with UK avian site birdguides.com about the upcoming album, the name change and the soon-to-be released music video. A teaser of it is included in the clip. Enjoy! http://www.birdguides.com/webzine/article.asp?a=2320 Sep 25th 2010 - First album review! 6/10 in Sonic (S) Swedish renowned music magazine Sonic gives the forthcoming album 6 out of 10. A really nice OK review where the reviewer though "missing the last piece before he'd be fully motivated to care about Thomas' further adventures" still claims "With Thomas debut, [2003] we knew instantly we were dealing with a talent about to find his own expression in a over-represented genre, he's still on that path". Sep 20th 2010 - OUT NOW: Digital Single "Willing Night Plants" Today, Playground Music is releasing the digital single "Willing Night Plants", which is the first music to be released under Thomas' new musical alias I'm Kingfisher. Listen @ Spotify Buy @ I-tunes and Amazon (link to UK, check your local Amazon). In a month, the new album "Arctic" is released. (cd/digital/2CDltd.ed) Sep 4th 2010 - NICE MENTION IN AFTONBLADET (S) Swedish news paper Aftonbladet made a nice mention about Thomas' song Svalbard yesterday. "Like a beautiful clash between Songs:Ohia and Damien Jurado". http://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/musik/article7721345.ab Aug 19th 2010 - NEW ALBUM 'ARCTIC' TO BE RELEASED OCT 18TH 2010 Thomas' 4th solo album 'ARCTIC' will be released in Scandinavia + Balt States by Playground Music on Oct 18th on digipack cd, digital and in a signed limited edition with a 3-trk bonus-EP. (cover art above, more info soon) Jul 26th 2010 - THOMAS SIGNED ON PLAYGROUND MUSIC Kite Recordings, who have released all Thomas' cds has begun a collaboration with Playground Music, one of Sweden's leading and biggest indepent labels. The deal will involve both distribution of Kite's catalog and exclusive license releases, such as of Thomas' forthcoming album 'ARCTIC'. Which also is the first cd to be released since he changed his stage name from Thomas Denver Jonsson to I'm Kingfisher. Jul 23rd 2010 - A PERFECT FRIEND TO TOUR FRANCE/BELGIUM IN OCT Thomas Jonsson's and C-J Larsg rden's indietronica-duo A PERFECT FRIEND is about to embark on a mini tour in France and Belgium in Sep/Oct. APF has released two full-length albums ('s/t' 2007, 'Timber and Modern Ways' 2009) and plays Metz-FR (30.9), Dijon-FR (2.10), Lyon-FR (3.10), Liege-BE (4.10). ---> info Jul 5th 2010 - NEW NAME, NEW WEBSITE WWW.IMKINGFISHER.COM After the show in Fensbol, Thomas changed his stage name to I'm Kingfisher (formerly Thomas Denver Jonsson) and therefor that'll be the name that the forthcoming album 'ARCTIC' is being released under. Hence, the website URL will now be imkingfisher.com but the old thomasdenver.com will still working for ages and ages in order to redirect to the new site.