THE 'TOPEKA TWINS'-CATALOG (Thomas Jonsson & Björn Kleinhenz) The Topeka Twins SWIM, SWAM, SWAN (2009) TOMTEP04 / TOMT RECORDINGS (Limited 3"CDEP 100 copies) Released February 2009 01. Golden Covers 02. Working Star 03. The Place We Can't Go Wrong 04. Invitation Thomas Denver Jonsson and Björn Kleinhenz have once again teamed up as the duo The Topeka Twins. This is their first release since 2003's debut I Never Heard Her Sing. This is a 4 track-EP, consisting of an atmospheric blend of and lofi-folk. When Golden Covers is a silent nod to contemporary folksters such as Bon Iver and Iron & Wine, The Place We Can't Go Wrong sounds like classic with a lofi twist. Jonsson's Working Star was originally featured on his 2005 album Barely Touching It. The years between the two versions has transferred the song from a little too unsteady pop song to a confessing Nebraska- breathing ballad, topped with Kleinhenz's angel choirs. The EP ends with the Twins take on sadly passed away S:t Thomas' song Invitation. Björn Kleinhenz - vocals, guitar Thomas Denver Jonsson - vocals, guitar. Track 1 & 3 - written by Kleinhenz Track 2 - written by Jonsson Track 4 - Written by T. Hansen Recorded at Tredje Långgatan 26, Göteborg, october 23rd 2009. Mixed and Mastered by Per-Ola Eriksson at Kepner Treg, Göteborg. The Topeka Twins I NEVER HEARD HER SING 7" (2003) KCD1020 / KITE RECORDINGS 7" Mini Album Released: February 15th 2003 A: Pale Summer Skies Kiss the Children Hunting Song B: End station Diana The royal beating During a break in the recordings of Thomas' album Hope To her, he and the fellow singer/songwriter Björn Kleinhenz got together to record a set of low key acoustic songs. The result became this mini album, including 2 original Thomas Denver Jonsson songs exclusive inspired by old american folk music and religious country. The excellent cover of Rick Grech's "Kiss the children" later reached the late Grech's children and it's said that it's reminds them much like how Rick sung it himself. Before Topeka, the only known recording of that song is on Gram Parsons album "GP". End station & The royal Beating: Lyrics/music: Thomas Denver Jonsson Pale Summer Skies & Diana: Lyrics/music: Björn Kleinhenz Hunting Song: Lyrics: Donald Finkel Music: Björn Kleinhenz Kiss The Children: Lyrics/music: Rick Grech "Lovely" - Dennis Cook, (US)